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December 14, 2009



you love that stamp set - and i love what YOU do with it!!! pretty, gorgeous houses!! oh - i think they are really Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!!




your work is sooooo stunning Melissa! I love looking at your blog...soooo beautiful!!

Have a Very Merry Christmas!!!

Christina Franco

Wow...who could pick a favorite? I bet they look magnificant all together...they sure look wonderful on here!! Really amazing details...buttons covered in snow. WOW!!

Natalie Heisinger

My favorite disney movie of all time!! My little one and I are watching it also. Enjoy!


you are so talented. Good work!

Melisa Hunter

These are amazing projects! They are all so magical!


I would like to know where you got those houses, I am going to make some thanks.

Diane Schultz

These houses are just gorgeous!! I would like to know what cardstock you used. I especially like the music background.

Joy (dustypenny)


karen q

Absolutely amazing. I don't know how you can do so much. It would take me a month just to make one. Love them and thanks so much for sharing with us.


Wowie!!! These are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I like Sarita's thought (but not sure I can spell it!) -
I also love Mary Poppins!

Lynne Phelps

Amazing! I bought the template and the stamp set - now I need to get in the craft room and let some magic happen! For every job that must be done, there's a way to make it fun!!! Enjoy!

Beth - UberArt

Whaddaya mean "this is all I've got for you"?! I'd say that's a lot!! Very lovely.


Melissa, your house are exquisite! I love all the glitter and lace. You've been quite the busy bee!


Do you use regular card stock to make your houses or chipboard? Thanks!

Marisa G

Those are all just beautiful! You are making me want to buy that set. I didn't break down yet...


Wow, I would love a little village like this in my home! AMAZING, MAGICAL, BEAUTIFUL!


Ohhhh, I want a set!

jen shears

Soooo lovely! And I'm sure Mary P. was practically perfect! :)


So gorgeous!

Kathy W

Wow. I could gaze at these houses all day. I'm still working on my first house; I like how you gave all of your houses a base glittered up as snow. Melissa, these are just stunning. I love them all. Thanks for sharing.

Brenda Weaver

(gasp!) these are so beautiful!!! I love all the little details and the soft yummy colors! You are amazing!

Jana Eubank

WOW!!!! :D :D :D

Amy Duff

Oh these houses you constructed are just beautiful! Complete yumminess! All that glitter and bling!

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