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December 20, 2009


Kerri  Norrod.

Children are truly a blessing from the Lord. As you spoke about adoption, I am reminded of how thankful that my own birth mother gave me up for adoption and I was raised in a loving Christian home. Thanks for reminding me of that this Christmas season.


I love how much you love your little girl. It touches me. How lucky she is to have you and her Daddy.

amber r.

thanks for sharing pieces of your story, and thees 2 beautiful cards. i especially love the 2nd card...i have the damask designs set, i love how you used it!


Children are gifts every day of the year, morning, noon & night. Those restless nights when they aren't feeling well can be endless at times. My 2 little ones keep passing their germs back and forth these days. I hope your little Sierra is feeling better soon. I hope the winter here in New York goes by fast, we just got about 13 inches of snow last night! Wishful thinking. Have a wonderful Holiday & New Year Melissa!


Saying prayers for Sierra to heal quickly. Your love is so evident - she is a very lucky person to have you in her life! But your love expands beyond your family - I hope you know that?! Thank you.

Merry Christmas!


Hi Melissa,

I am wondering if we have the honor to have you as our 'designer of the month' on our blog starting January 2010. As a big fan of your design I really wish that you can help us kick off 2010. I tried to get your email on your blog but fail so I am hoping you can email me instead at or you can visit our website at hope to hear from you soon :)


Melis, You brought tears to my eyes and filled my heart with love. What a heartfelt gift for a special birthmother. I'm sure she will forever be greatful that you and your husband are sharing your love and life with her precious girl. Merry Christmas and may you always share special moments with those that care. Nancy in So Cal


I have a similar blessing in my life and his name is Micah. He is 10 years old now and he is my one and only. He was truly a gift from God and his birth mother as well. I celebrate the joy with you this Christmas!


You make my cry! The love for your daughter is so beautiful to read and you writing the birthmother, sigh, I have no English words to describe how much that touched my heart!!


How true! Thank you for sharing this part of you! Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!!


Silent Night is my all-time favorite song, too ... Christmas and otherwise. Not necessarily for the same reason as yours, but that it's just a beautiful song that touches my soul. My second favorite song is the National Anthem ...

Very touching post, Melissa ... and such a wonderful thing that you're doing to write Sierra's birth mother a letter.

Christmas Merries and New Year Happies to you and yours.

PS I read your blog DAILY (even if you haven't recently posted) but just don't comment that often. Your work is TO DIE FOR and I am so inspired by everything you do. Keep crafting!


You always inspire me with your work & you have touched my heart today with your story of your daughter & writing to her birth mother. So beautiful. I'm going to go hug my little girl.


i am a birthmother and i appreciate that you will be sending Sierra's birthmom pictures and letter along with one of your beautiful cards i hope! You will bring such joy to her knowing that she did the right thing with her daughter..


Thanks you for sharing your work and your heart........have a Merry and Blessed Christmas!


Oh Melis....Your story brought tears to my eyes...Especially since I was adopted...she is very lucky to have you!! And I'm sure the other way around!!! My you and your family have a beautiful Christmas!! Hugs, Char


Beautiful post!

Lisa Risser

I am constantly visiting your blog and rarely I wanted to thank you for the beautiful inspiration that is your work! I love reading your heartfelt posts regarding your little one. Merry Christmas!

Jill Geraghty-Groves

Beautiful post.
Beautiful story.
Beautiful art.


It is so clear that, not only do you have a creative gift but also a special gift only a mother can have!

Wishing you & your family a very Happy Christmas & a wonderful 2010!


I have three adopted children so was touched to read your post. I truly feel grateful every day for them and the open adoption we share with their birth families. I love your creations and check your site each day! Have a fabulous holiday season.

Gabi With An Eye

Melis, there is a lump in my throat and it is stinging a little as I fight the tears that are welled up in my eyes after reading this post. Yes, Sierra is a priceless gift and she's been entrusted into your loving heart. I'm so proud of you for remembering her birth mother and for sharing Sierra's journey with her through your letters and photos. May God continue to bless you richly.

Kim FAucher

I do believe that God had a plan for her to be a part of your life. She is your gift and you are so loving and supportive of her.
Melissa, not only are you a divine talent but a beautiful soul and nurturing mother.
God bless you and Merry Christmas!


Susan Tethal

Hi Melissa,
Yes, those moments can be exhausting and overwhelming but our wee ones need us more then ever at those times. This may sound strange but they are really moments to treasure. I remember many times sitting and rocking my little guy (who has Down Syndrome)in the hospital for days while doctors fixed one ailment or another. Those events are so vivid and clear in my mind. My Babe needed me so. God surely knew what he was doing when he created your adorable family. Have a blessed Christmas Melissa. P.S. I love the little gingerbread it!

Rachel Greig

What a beautiful post. Sierra is so lucky to be with you, and what a gift you are giving her birthmother.

The song I can't get enough of this week is Oh Holy Night! So beautiful.

Merry Christmas!


ihave read your posts for awhile now.. but this is the first time ive written.. your latest one brought tears to my eyes.. your love is so pure.. and wonderful.. cherish the loved ones in your life.. as they are gone all too soon... you are a blessing to us all and a truly a gift.. your daughter is very lucky
lots of ladybug hugs

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