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January 28, 2010


Becky H

Hey, I love your little valentine idea. I LOVE all of your little ideas! I so look forward to your post and hearing about your sweet little one.hope she is feeling better!) I have four precious grandkids of my own and they bring us so much joy! The funny they things they say!!! Love them. Thanks for sharing.

Debbie Marcinkiewicz

Adorable and *sweet* cupcake card, Melissa! Could just eat it up :) Stay warm -- we're expecting that storm you just had to begin hitting us here in NC tomorrow - UGH! We rarely get snow here in the south, but looks like we'll get some this weekend. Guess I'll 'have to' stay in and paper craft!! xo

Jennifer K

Melissa, I don't know how you do it but your projects always inspire me. Vintage/shabby chic is not usually "my style" but you inspire me to make "my style" (clean/graphic/linear) better. To add layers, combine patterns, add bits and bobs, use stamps and papers in ways I didn't think of. So, thank you from this "clean and linear" girl.

And great idea on the 14 Days of Feb. I'd been tossing around that idea but not sure if I could pull it off with Feb so near and other things on my plate. But, I think I'll give it a try.


Gorgeous! So pretty.


Oh. My. Goodness. These are just over-the-top fabulous!!! I just LOVE this idea... my daughter will be thrilled (hmmm, what to do for my son? Monster trucks? LOL!). I will definitely do this. Can I ask what size glassine bags you used? It looks like maybe your notes are ATC-sized. So very sweet and yummy!


Gorgeous! Simply gorgeous!! Love the vintage Valentine look--it's my fave, and one I get to use a lot since dd #2 was born day after. Lucky me!


I love that sweet cupcake card! And the notes are a great idea :-)

Verona H

Your designs are so pretty and warm and cozy, they feel like a hug. I think I'll try your idea, at least for a week, if I can't do 14 days. Thanks for giving us instructions. Hope your lil sweetie is feeling better.

Elizabeth S.

What a wonderful idea!! I agree little notes would be so much better than candy anyday. (and better on the hips,LOL)


a lovely idea....i would love to do it, but would do it x2 for eahc of my little girls:):) you are always an inspiration; creativeness and for gently reminding me to love life as it is right now. thank you;):) ((hugs))


What a lovely idea to make these valentine cards. Love your cupcake card too.
I am impressed by your talent; how do you manage to get all the inspiration for all those lovely creations?


They are so so cute!!!!!each is unique!

Gabriela (Gabi With An Eye)

My Melissa - goodness these are just lovely. And there's that precious pink seam binding tape (ribbon)! That's it! That's the one! Too bad I couldn't find it at Emma's Paperie. :(

Glassine bags and their contents are beyond beautiful!

Jana Eubank

What a darling idea! Each and everyone of these are works of art, Melissa! You have such a beautiful style!


A doily cupcake! how cute! these are so beautiful! i really love your 14 days of Feb. if I could just get my special someone to play along. tee hee! :)


Those are absolutely beautiful. I'm going to use bits & pieces of several as inspiration for a handmade card for my husband.


Know what I would dearly Love?
...An idea book filled with nothing but your beautiful designs! :-)

Eileen Velez

Everything is beautiful!


Just beautiful. Then again, I'd expect nothing less.

Sarah Martina

What a sweet idea! :) Love it all... and your cupcake, Oh Melissa! Girlfriend! Lol! Sweet doesn't begin to describe it. :) TFS! *hugs*


such a nice idea.....
I never seem to get enough time to play so enjoying your blog is a treat I do allow myself!!

I would be over the moon If I ever received 14 days of February...
Have a beautiful day Melis!


really love all of your bits and pieces! beautiful stuff!


Great idea. The little packets are so pretty and fun.


Gosh Melissa you are just and endless fountain of ideas. What a fun idea and what beautiful little packages to hide them in!! The treasure of a love note that can be read again and again is so so perfect.Thank you for the wonderful inspiration. Hope your little bean better soon. blessings


what a fabulous idea....just fabulous...hugs and blessings to you...

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