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January 20, 2010


Carmelina Lounsbury

simply adorable...pretty pinks! I love your work


the pics of your sheep look just like my area - when we first moved here the sheep were here - with their shepherd too many houses and no more sheep..just roosters crowing in the morning, and afternoon! love the desert!


I too am the queen and the cinderella of my castle LOL
Lovely projects :O)

Julie Ranae

I am in love with sheep as their wool is so fabulous, so I am with you. If I had sheep outside of my front door, I'd be all over it with my camera....and I am sure so would the news media as I live in the middle of the city!


As my day winds down, it is so very nice to visit your blog and see your lovely works of art and read your thoughts. Makes one want to count their blessings!

Valerie C

I just love it all!! I love the 3-D project. The kitten is so precious. And I can't wait for the Crafty Secret New Stamps to come out. Also, I love sheep. I've always had a fascination with them. I think that is quite a view from your home.


Melissa; I love your cards. It must have been quite a spectacular view from your porch.
Enjoy your day; I am going to do some cleaning up tonight when I am at home. Right now it is 12.16 PM . I am at work till 5.30 PM and then off to home! ( and the cleaning :) ! )


I mean 00.16 PM. Sorry...


What a fabulous view you have! I am loving all the new crafy secrets and melissa frances stuff...i better start saving my pennies :) I hope Cindy at Emma's Paperie is going to carry them!

Gabriela (Gabi With An Eye)

My Melissa - oh how I love the wide open view from your front porch. I wish I could join you there on a front porch rocker with a glass of fresh squeezed lemonade and gaze at the expansive land. I'm crazy about your tri-fold 3D shadowbox creation. But did you forget to have more chocolate cake for dessert?


Love your beautiful projects! What an awesome view you have, I can only imagine how beautiful it is covered with snow!


Hi Melissa,

I hope you enjoyed each bite of your delicious cake! I have made it several times and it doesn't last long around my house. Have a perfect day.

Jan in Tucson

Melis, where do you live that you have such a great view from your front porch? Oh yes, of course, I just LOVE the goodies you made for CHA. Hope to meet you there. Will you be there? I will be flying out this morning. Jan in Tucson :)


Okay so NOw Im courious ..what is
Have Pioneer Woman's Chocolate Cake???
I MUst know haha



Hi! LOVE your cards!!! You have given me inspiration for tonite's project,a birthday card for my Mom. Love all your beautiful designs.Julie

Mary Anne in NJ

Beautiful cards and view...and how wonderful that you enjoy and appreciate your remind to appreciate the people and things in my life too...thank you for that and for sharing your wonderful creativity!


Hey that sounds a lot like my day Melis!!! Always something to clean or pick up for us mommies! Wouldn't have it any other way thougth! Love these projects and the peek at your place and the sheep! Hope you are having a wonderful day! And that cake sounds divine:)!

Kim FAucher

I really admire all that you do for your family Melissa. You have such a wonderful outlook on life. Its so refreshing to find other mommies that love their families and look forward to taking care of them. So many of us spend time complaining and just changing the way we think of it, makes it all so much more worthwhile, doesn't it?
I am also so impressed with all those deadlines you make too...the projects look as if you have worked forever... just divine!!
Enjoy that cake.. you deserve it!!
I may have to go whip up something sweet for us now too! ;)

Audrey Pettit

What delicious things you've been created, Melissa! Oh, how I love Crafty Secrets' vintage goodies!

Judy Walsh

First, I love your work. SO pretty, and fun, and something new to see every time you take a look!
Second, thanks for putting me "on" to the Pioneer Woman. I want her cookbook now! I'm making the Best Ever Lasagna tomorrow for my family. Haven't dared to make the cake yet, as I had stomach surgery about 10 days ago and cake is a no-no for me for now, and I know I wouldn't be able to resist. LOVE your breakfast and lunch choices (though from the looks of you, it looks like you don't do that too often . Take care...


As usual, I'm drooling over your work. Just gorgeous. And I had to laugh at your day's schedule - sounds very familiar! LOL I'm also liking your menus choices for day - again, sounds familiar!

Thanks for sharing!

Beth Norman

Thud. Sorry, I fell on the floor. Your triptic is fantastic. You are the queen of paper art!


Thanks so much for the sheep photos!!! I had no idea that this even ocurred in America! We went to Ireland 2 years ago, where the sheep outnumber the people and they are EVERYWHERE. I want one so badly - I loved waking up to "baaahs" every morning. You've got a beautiful part of the country right in your backyard. You're so lucky.


the little shadow box is pretty and feminine! what a lovely gift it would make. and I just love the little girl image.... so nostalgic!

Jackie Godwin

Everything is beautiful as usual. I am going to take a cue from your first card using pictures of my mom and dad. February 14th would have been their 63rd. anniversary. She has been gone 16 years now but he still misses her. Even though I am now 58 years young, I feel blessed to have the wonderful childhood my parents gave me. I think I enjoy your blog so much because you are giving your little girl that same gift.

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