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January 13, 2010


Debbie Marcinkiewicz

Melissa ... LOVE everything, as usual. You're my IDOL :)

Splendid and sweet!!!!!!!!!!

Lindsay A.

I was just to the point of being frustrated that I do not have a good method for keeping birthdays organized, and you inspired me to create my own! Thanks, and yours looks so fab by the way!


Lovely, adorable and beautiful; as always.
Inspring and: a smile at my face because you made a new post on your blog. Such a big pleasure to read and see all these beautful things!
And again: thank you Melissa!


Great work Melis! I love the shabby look you always deliver! Hope you and your little family are enjoying your new home - I still can't wait to see pictures!


Oohhhh just what I love.. oodles of pics to drink in, absorb and enjoy...thanks for brightening my day.. as usual :)


You never cease to amaze me with your fabulous creations. All of these are wonderful and those little shoes from yesterday are just scrumtious!! You are such an inspiration to me!! I just went and got the little template and cannot wait to get busy!! Blessing :)


it amazes me how much you get done, even during this time (CHA)!!


wonderful work!!!

Valerie C

I am just giddy. You had so much today!!! Thanks for sharing Melissa!

Nellies Nest

Well, my dear Melis, you outdid yourself again...I LOVE this calendar inspiring, that I am going to do one of my own for ME...which is a blessing because I never create for myself...thanks so very much for all the inspiration!

Holly S



Great job on the bday organizer!! You are an total inspiration!!TY

Beth - UberArt

You're so creative! I *so* wish I had time to do fun stuff like this! Maybe I'll just block out some time on my calendar...

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