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January 11, 2010



So lovely.

Becky P.

So sweet, I sighed with happiness.

Alyssa B

oh Mellissa! this project is to die for!

Jessica Howard

Beautiful work, Melissa. I am blown away by the elegance of this look and the creativity of the design.

Account Deleted

Love those baby booties! Simply gorgeous, Melissa!


Great work Melis! Love those little booties! What cute little shower favors they would make too! I was lookin on MSN's delish and they have some simply yummy baby shower desert recipes up this year... With those recipes and these ideas one could have a wonderful time!

chriss blagrave

So sweet! Love those baby shoes and the little bracelet tucked inside!

Jennifer Schmidt

This is so sweet and precious for a new baby girl! Those little shoes are darling.


Oh my goodness, those shoes!! So, so sweet & creative.

Nancy L.

everything is just so sweet!


WOW!!! what a beautiful take on those cute little baby shoes. It's true, it's all in the details!!! ~J~

Diane Jaquay

Sigh, this is just so darned LOVELY!! The card, the booties, I'm in "baby" heaven here lol!

Carol R

So sweet! Love the colors you used to make the card and matching booties. Thank you for the link on how to make them too!

Val (Mom2Men)

Oh Melissa, those little shoes are just 'over the top' cute! Thanks for including the template link as well.


I looked at the picture and said to myself "No Way! She didn't" and looked a little closer and then had to say to myself "Oh YES, she did!!!". Roflol, I cannot believe that you made those little shoes. They are just too cute! Love 'em. You're SO talented, Girl!!! How I love to stop by here everyday. It's like a boost of sunshine for the soul.

Melissa Ladd

This project is amazing! I love those tiny shoes and your card is beautiful!


The one adjective I am at peace with to describe your work.
The card is perfect and the little shoes with the bracelet tucked inside is the reason for all the sighs. How talented you are!

carol b.

This is the most beautiful little set. I'm making one even though I don't have anyone to give it to. I felt and that added little detail simply makes the shoes and card.
I sent my first little note to someone yesterday - again it was a great idea.
carol b

Nancy M

Melis, you add such wonderful detail to everything you make. Those shoes are as precious as can be. I think that I'm going to offer to make the favors for my nieces shower so that I can show off this design. And, yes, the picture and template have already been added to my idea folder.
Thank you! Nancy


Melissa your post today is BEAUTIFUL!!! My daily "visit" to your blog is always a reason for a smile on my face. You are a big, big talent and so inspiring. Thanks for sharing all the breathtaking things you make!

Bernadette Bliss

Melissa: What a wonderfully talented
person you are. You went beyond the top with those darling shoes. The template was cute, but you went above and beyond cute. Thank you for sharing all your lovely creations with us. Oh by the way, I love the card also! So Melissa...


Love this set Melis!! So perfect!

Becky Halfhill

Who doesn't love baby stuff??? These are perfect as usual. I can't wait for your post everyday. You make me smile!

Kristy Hansen

I love your blog. I visit almost everyday to see what you have done. Your work is where I want to be in the future. I have just started scrapping and have a long way to go, but you give me hope and inspiration. Thank you for your blog --KH

paula e.

those little baby booties are so beautiful! you did an amazing job. so much detail. your creativity is amazing.

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