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January 23, 2010



I guess it isn't too likely that number 1 will be picked :) but I feel honored to be the first one to post! This week I will get a pedicure after two long weeks of recovering from surgery I am in need of some self TLC!

Uberart - Beth

I am going to work on an art journal entry...or maybe start making a book just for myself. I get so busy filling orders for guest books and journals for others I often neglect feeding my own little art spirit! Thanks for the reminder to take some time out! :)

Janice Marcham

I'm going to go up to Boston tomorrow and spend the day with my daughter. We'll shop and eat and talk! I can't wait! Then during the week I'd like to sit down at my worktable and work on some Valentine goodies for the people I work with. Can't wait! Thank you for sharing all your wonderful creations. I love them all!

Lindsay A.

What beautiful cards! It is so true how wrapped up we get in the everyday and before you know it you are spent and lifeless! This week I am going to go shopping by toddler, no husband. Alone. Beautiful :0)


Winter and other things have had me feeling really low recently. I'm going to have a nice lunch out with a dear friend.

Brenda W.

You cards are amazingly beautiful!
This week I am going to begin filling up an inspiration journal that I recently bought for myself and pre plan some menus so I have more time to create pretty things from that inspiration journal in the future.

Alessandra Loiacono

Hi Melis!!! This week I am going to try to scrap a little bit, I haven't done anything since Christmas and I miss my scrapping sooooooo much!!!!! Thank you for the chance and have a wonderful weekend! :D


I did something for myself today! I went to two local thrift stores to search for hidden treasures and found a vintage printer's tray at Goodwill for $4.99!!!! I'm still on cloud 9...can't wait to make something crafty with it...

heidi quick

Let's see! After we get my son's basketball game and kids school referendum meetings done. OH! I know! My preordered "This is it!" dvd will arrive. I will enjoy watching Michael once again. Personal opinions of his later life aside....I grew up with his phenomenal music and want to remember him as an amazing talent.

Becky Elliott

This week I am going to remember my personal goals and strive to keep them! My favorite goal right now is to attend my weekly WW meeting for motivation, encouragement, and accountability to be healthier and take care of myself! (Of course scrapbooking is always a treat for me!!)


You are so talented and I am always in awe of everything you do!!

This week I am buying a book that I have been wanting so bad..."The Fixer Upper" by Mary Kay Andrews. I have read all of her books and really really want this one to take on my trip to Montana to visit my dd and her husband. I rarely buy hardcover books for myself and this is a splurge for sure....YAY!!

Sheila D

Amazing projects (as usual). Tomorrow night I plan on curling up on the couch with a up of hot cocoa laced with butterscotch schnaps and starting one of the books I received as a gift for Christmas. It's always a treat for me to start a book so I like to make it kind of special.

rebecca keppel

Gorgeous cards, as always :) This week I am going to make sure I get to the gym for exercise and a few yoga classes. I always feel better when I make that time for myself.

Julie Ranae

Always so lovely to visit your blog, Melissa. I would say my 'spoil' of this week was taking a nice hot bath RIGHT in the MIDDLE of the DAY! I fought the urge most of the early afternoon, but my aching muscles pushed me to give myself permission....sometimes, that's all we need.
Thanks for the opportunity to win.


Uh - let's see, does flossing my teeth count? No? Well how about making an appointment for my annual mammogram? Yes, that's it, that's what I'm doing for me this week. I know - I'm living large, huh? I may even use some hair remover and remove the peach fuzz off my upper lip. Try to contain your envy of my thrill seeking life.

Leonie- Australia

I am hoping the silhouette machine I have spent ages saving for will finally arrive at my house & I will get the chance to play with it. Thank you for all your card inspiration I will be looking back at them for some ideas!

amber r.

lovin' all your creations, as always! :) so sparkly and sentimental! let's see, for this week i will be painting my toes (they desperately need it). i'll also be visiting with my's a weekly thing i do for me...usually exhausting and hard, but in the long run, it's for a healthier me! and then after that meeting, i'll find be doing some crafty things...a great stress reliever for me! :)


It's really hard to choose one thing I'd really like to do for myself because as wives and mothers and Grandma's are lives revolve around our families. But maybe a special cuddle on the couch with the man of my dreams in my flannel pjs with a cup of tea watching the fire blaze! That sounds so nice! After football of course!


Thank you for a chance to win a goodie from you! I am going to drive down the Gulf Coast a couple of hours and meet a blogging friend to pick up her doggies and baby-sit them at my house while she and her husband go to Disney! It's a joy for me to help them out and I love the drive between my house and pretty.

tina lenderman

Melis I love your blog, I plan on curling up in a nice warm blanket and finishing a book I started reading forever ago. Have a great day!

Alyssa B

hi Mellisa, what am i going to do for me? I am going 2 change all the photographs in my frames about the house. I like to do this from time to time and i have been neglecting them of late...

Ginny H

I am going to work on getting outside and having some exercise time for myself. No phones, no computers!

Jessica Canham

How sweet of you to offer a giveaway. I have you on my Google Reader and enjoy every post! I already did something for myself this weekend by working on a card and trying not to judge myself as I did it, but just have fun. Do you have this problem? Your cards look like you have fun doing them and don't fuss or fret over them. But gosh, that shabby, collage style is deceptively difficult! Thanks for the giveaway!


I am in LOVE with all your creations Melis! Such beautiful work....everytime!!
This week I'm going to take a nice hot bubble bath and have some scrappy time!

jen shears

Your work is SO gorgeous & SO inspirational! Sometimes when you list the sets you've used on your projects I have to look back, because I have the set you refer to, and would've never thought to use it the way you do!! So much beauty here on your blog- and from your words, even more in your heart!
Thank you so much for the opportunity to win some lovelies from you- I read every post with a happy heart! :)

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