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January 23, 2010


jeanie nieva

my birthday is on tuesday and i plan to take a leave so i can scrap and sleep to my heart's content. :)


LOVE the sweet inspiration you give! You've inspired me to take advantage of the new snow we have here and get on my cross country skis. I really need the exercise and love getting into the clean air of the backcountry.


Your cards are always so beautiful. While I could never create things so intricate, I admire those who have that gift! This week I hope to set aside some time for myself to make my own creations and escape for a little while the challenges of late.


I'm thinking a massage sounds great! There's a place nearby that offers a full body for one hour for only $25. I'm so there this week...thanx for the push..I mean gentle nudge ;-) ~J~

Debbie K.

I absolutely LOVE your blog and artwork Melissa! You are so incredibly talented and such an inspiration for all of us.

Next week I am rewarding myself with an entire day to work on my OWN paper projects. Family obligations keep me from having much "free" time so I think I deserve a break. Having time to myself also allows me to count all the blessings I DO have in my life:)

Melisa Hunter

I'm going to spend some time making cards... I don't have much time to do that, so it'll be a fun couple of hours! Thanks for sharing your wonderful creations!

Melissa Sauls

What a generous sweet surprise from you and I would absolutely adore to have it! I am treating myself to doing some scrapping with some friends tomorrow afternoon...just the 3 of us. I'm soo looking forward to it.


We are moving to a new house so I think I will start to put together my new scrap room. I miss my stuff all packed up in boxes.

Christine Sjoden

I check your blog every nite. Your cards are so amazing. What I am going to do this week for myself... I will take a nice hot bath with candles, total relaxation.
Christine S.

Robin Carr

I read you everyday and miss when you don't post. I can't believe that I love almost everything you make. I love vintage and can't get enough, or glitter either. This week I am going to make an easel card that is a valentine just for fun. I have 10 kits to make up for feb 11th but one day I am going to make the card just for fun. LOve your blog.


I am in the process of organizing (again) my craft space. I am going to so enjoy it when I am done which will hopefully be tomorrow! I saw some else mention a mammogram so I will an appointment to have that done also!

Brenda Lubrant

Melissa, your life always reminds me of mine when I was a little girl spending my summer's at my Grandparent's farm. Life was so simple there, but we did work a lot and we would sit in the kitchen at night and share good conversations with each other. I live in a pretty rural area, so I am going to drive about 65 miles towards a big city and spend all day at Archivers to get inspired and enjoy looking at all the new products. Hopefully, I will be able to buy a few things. Thanks for the giveaway. I really enjoy all of your paper craft projects. You create deep within yourself. I shows so much through your work.


Well I can finally use my footbath husband got it for me for my birthday last month and I haven't had a chance to use it. It is near by, just waiting. Thanks so much!


i'm going to be spending some time editing and ordering photos this week - that's not the part that will give me the most enjoyment, but once i've ordered, i can look forward to the evenings of scrapping new photos that i'll get!


On Wednesday I'm taking my eldest daughter (she's 6) out to lunch... maybe this seems like it's for her, but really this is for me. With a 3 year old daughter and a baby boy at the height of teething, my sweet first babe hasn't had enough time for momma loving... and I need that! So, to treat myself to her sparkling creative dramatic dose of sweetness, we have a date and I can't wait!


I'm going to eat chocolate, I deserve it! And read a good book!

Sarah Martina

Oh Melissa I love the photobooth images! and I don't quite know how I passed up the BG Hearts set at PTI, but I'm going to pick that up tonight. :-) I just came home from Target and did a little happy shopping. That was a sweet treat for myself that doesn't happen all too often. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous work and your generosity. :-)


Being a single mom it is hard to MAKE time to do something for me. I play POKENO once a month and it was Thursday. I am going to take some time to make a birthday card this weekend and sit down and watch the SAINTS play sunday!

Jolene Eborn

Love all of your treasures, as usual. You are so sweet. I am going to work on my little book of goals just for myself. Thanks for sharing yourself and your creativity with us.

Michelle A.

What a nice story...Saturday nights are my favorite too. I love your featured cards today as I do everyday. Your blog is one of my favorites!! I am inspired daily by your gorgeous creations. I really love all of the little details you put on your cards & how you piece everything together.. you have such a unique, fabulous style.
This week I am going to treat myself to a manicure & a yummy red velvet cupcake. :)

Emily Zhang

Hi, Melis! It's such an enjoyment to read your post and I know there are always surprise... Well, this week, I will find time for myself to do some shopping for coming CNY, buying stuff for decorating the house, not anything particular but just sometime by myself alone, wondering around the shops...


Once again I am amazed at your beautiful creations Melissa, your blog is always a joy to see, thanks so much for the chance to win one of your little pockets of treats :) I am off to the movies with my DH tonight, haven't been to the movies on our own for WAAAY too long, then I hope to get a little scrapping done through the week too, fingers crossed x

Nathalie in CA

I am going in for a much needed manicure!


I will leave my baby with a nanny and will go with my girls to watch some new movies.
Thank you for your kindness)

Yvette F.

I really enjoy visiting your blog posts! I'm going to try to find a little more time to be crafty this week.

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