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January 23, 2010


Penny Pudge

How wonderful of you. I am going to work more on my scrapping this week. I usually feel guilty when I do it, because there are so many things that should be getting done. I am also going to make sure I get to my bible study, cuz I love to go and love the fellowship. thanks so much... glad I found the blog.


These are great cards, thanks Melissa... this week I am treating myself to a concert, a few performers, but one of my all time favourite singers... is on at a local winery, called a day on the green... hours of fabulous music and time with my BFF--that will be a treat!


oh, i know what i'm going to do, and i know it won't sound like it's 'something for myself,' but it IS.

i am going to Home Depot to buy some PINK paint (we're talking nice, *BRIGHT* paint) to redo some bookshelves, my craft desk, and a filing cabinet for my new apartment. i am so excited, i can't wait!

Cindy Holshouser

I'm going to spend my weekdays off {Thursday & Friday}making my Valentines. I have been making and mailing them for 23 years. I loved your story about Saturday nights - took me right back to my own childhood. It's my favorite time too.Thanks for the chance to win some Melis goods:)


I already did something for myself; I have been baking and that's very relaxing for me. I made a cake with chopped apple,some lemon and cinnamon...oh it tastes good! This week I am going to give your challenge a try. That is also relaxing. And most of all; a visit to your blog is always relaxing and a good reason for a big smile. As always; your cards are amazing! Have a nice weekend!

Judi V

This year I resolved to actually get some weight off - so for me, this week, I will be using my WII for at least 35 minutes after I get done with my hour on the treadmill - I have 40 lbs to lose and on a 4'11" body that is a lot, but I have decided that I am going to take better care of me for my kids and my grandchild, and I'm gonna love doing it!


Fantastic cards! My favourite is second :)
I am going to work...but after this i will be relax make my new project :)

Stephanie S.

I am going to get into my craft room and play. Spending some time to get back the mojo of my time and creativty is where I need to be.


Thanks for the opportunity to win (I live in the Uk & it's so difficult to find ll those beautiful products you use) As a treat to myself I may place another order with Emmas paperie even though the postage costs more than the order LOL. Thanks again Melissa for all your beautiful & inspirational creations. HCJC


Hi Melissa! This week I plan to send the children out to play with their friends, then I plan to sit down and have a cup of tea as big as my head!
Thank you for the inspiration.


Something for myself?? Hmmm....I had forgotten there was such a thing! I think I'm going to pack up Elmo and some other characters and go window shopping at some craft stores. It seems like I haven't been to one in so long, other than to grab something quick and run, and it's truly one of my most favorite things! I just like being around all that craft stuff! Hopefully the little one will let me.

Diane Hov at Nellies Nest

It's been a rough end to the week here, and its not over yet...we lost two dear on Thursday that was waiting for a kidney transplant and one Saturday morning from stage 4 cancer....hard to even think of myself at the moment, but Monday I am escaping for "bit" and having my hair high lighted and cut into a "bob"...a big change for me..then a bit of shopping for myself, usually I am shopping for my creative side and the house. I LOVE your blog and am so glad when you made the decision to "stay with us"! Beautiful creations as always!

Judith Gowdy

Love everything you do. I try to copy your style but can't quite pull it off. This week I am going to find some time to go to the movies with my husband. It seems like forever that we spent some time alone without the kids. Have a great week :)

Margaret Ann Durtschi

Hi Melissa-I wish I could give something to you for all the wonderful ideas and beauty you share with all of us. I had to quit work as a designer 1 year ago for health reasons, and have not been able to get to my scrapbooking or much else so, I am going to clear my room and use the Homemade stamps and template this next week. I have so many blessings and I suppose it is very selfish to quit on oneself. You have motivated me. Thank you.

I have just discovered your blog and have totally fallen in love with your beautiful, clean, bright and happy shabby chic style.

It feels like I have discovered cardmaking again all over!!! :)) - and I can't wait to start making Shabby Chic cards this week… lucky for me that the kids are back at school later this week as it will give me 2 days of crafting without interruptions… ( only I know that I am so going to miss them and want them on holidays again after day one of school because the house will be too quiet and lonely without their laughter and excitement)

Thank you for the opportunity to win some goodies :0) I just adore your creative style.
Angie :0)


wow - your work is stunning as always. This weekend I am taking my little one (girl, 5years old)to see Disney on Ice. It's a surprise trip, and we are also spending the adventure together with my best friend and her daughter (at the same age). we are going by train, and will spend the entire day together all 4 of us. Fun, bounding and a real adventure for both the mums and the daughters.

Hugs from Hilde/Paperaddict in Norway

margie davidson

Hi Mellisa I love seeing your creations and getting much needed inspiration - even though my efforts are nowhere near as fabulous as yours. This week I am going to meet up with a dear friend whose sister is dealing with cancer and we are going to have a precious afternoon together remembering all the good times over tea and lots of cakes! Keep up the good work. Margie xx


color my hair!!! OMG I just looked in the mirror... not good

Valerie C

You are so sweet, Melissa! I'm having back surgery on 2/4. It's an extensive recovery and I'm quite nervous about it. My kids are 7,11, and 15 so I'm worried about them living through my recovery. My oldest has severe health issues so I've put this off for 2 1/2 years. I just can't put it off any longer. So this week I'm going to take the time to spend special time with each child. Also I'm going to make the little ones Valentine's so it's done before the surgery. And that is complete fun to me!!!

Mary Beth

A play day at the beach...we live nearby but rarely have the, kids, house chores...okay then, it must be time to make a beachy card! Your projects are so beautiful, thanks for sharing!


Wow it's so hard to think of things to do for me because I'm the last person I think about if at all but I would love to be able to have the time to scrap some beautiful memories to treasure forever, for my little girls to enjoy looking's just finding the time as some things always get pushed to the bottom of the's hoping that will happen :) Bonnie x


First of all I always enjoy your projects! I love your ideas!
About me now...Well, the truth is but I normally have no time to do anything for myself, so this week I'll try to have some moments for me just to read something or have a nice relaxing bath...

Tricia Dee

Hi Melissa! Thanks for thinking of us! Today, I'm going to work on Valentines which gives me time to be creative - thank you for all your inspiration!

rae barthel

Your creations, as always, are stunning, breathtaking and so very inspiring! I just adore your work Melissa and your spirit and beautiful outlook on life.
As for doing something for me this week, well I did just that today as I played in my scrappy room all day long. It was so amazing, I am going to set aside another day this week to do it again.
Have a fabulous day~

Jennifer Schmidt

Beautiful, beautiful cards- love the unique look of the timeless love card.
When my little guy goes down for his nap today and my daughter is happily playing with my husband on his day off, I plan to sneak away to a quiet spot and get going on a book that I think will be amazingly inspiring, "Three Cups of Tea". My entire church is reading this right now and I can't wait to dive in. Thanks for the chance to win some lilybean goodies :)

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