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January 23, 2010



I am reading my fav mystery books..that's my treat..

Lisa Risser

I just love your beautiful work! I am going to take the time this week to really do some soul searching about some parenting issues that have come up recently. I find that it is easy to busy my mind and body and tune out of the things that are bothering me--but it is time to slow down and do some thinking!


My husband is away skiing this week and I plan to use the time to create a wonderful Valentine for him and other family members...using some of your great inspiration.....this blog is sooooo invaluable to me. I really appreciate the time you spend with us almost daily! You are an amazing artist! Keep it up, for our sake!

Brenda Faylee Turner

I am going to a rubber stamp camp tomorrow night - just for me! I've seen a preview of the projects we'll be doing & I LOVE them! It's been a rough few weeks so I am really happy to have plans to get out of the house & have fun doing what I love! I'd love to win the goodies you're offering. Thanks for the opportunity! And for sharing your talent so generously!

cheryl P.

Well....I think I'll get busy this week making some personal little notebooks for ME and some friends! Maybe do a little sewing on some lap fun! Thanks for a chance to win! LOVE your blog!


this week i'm going to make valentine cards for my friends and family - delve into a new author for me (steig larsson) - and play some bridge - i'm being pretty good to myself this week:) love your blog and read it and the pti designers nearly every day. thanks for all the inspiration.

Shellie Hartsock

I hope to spend some time in my craft room this week making Valentines. Thanks for all the inspiration you provide.


I've decided to {finally} get started on an art journal ... just for me. So far I love it and steal away a little time here and there, between mommy duties, to create and just let it flow. Ahhh now that feels good to my soul. {especially since it's turning out to be an art and spiritual journal combined.} I just started last week and hope to keep going with it all year long.

Joanna Lee

Thanks for the chance to win! I'm going to do a little scrapping this week. It's hard to find time out of work to do it but I will def make time for it!!


it sounds like you had a very wonderful childhood growing up. I think for myself this week I will do two things....I am hoping I will get them both accomplished but probably not. LOL
one night i plan to not cook dinner. jUst have a eat what you can grab night. I still end up doing dishes, but get one night off. I would also like to work least 3 times this week, but that all depends on this nasty midwest weather too.

Julie Smith (grace01)

oh my! what a GRAND give-a-way, thanks so much for the chance to win. well i did something JUST for myself tonight. i wasnt going to but then i thought pssshhh! i need this. i took a dance/workout class. it was a TON of fun. and i may just do it again next week!


work has been very hectic but i am still thankful for my job. i plan to veg out on friday night when i'm home alone and not think about work or chores or anything important! thanks for all of the inspiration on your blog, your work is beautiful and i enjoy oohing and ahhing over all of it!

Jennifer Cruz

I had lunch with some dear friends today and was telling them about all of your beautiful work... I know they will love looking at your blog as much as I do... God bless you..

Joyce (Ashjoy)

Love how soft and pink your blog always is:) And I would be thrilled just to have one of your cards to add to my scrap room.

Hmmm....somthing I'll do for myself. I think I'll ink a stamp that hasn't seen any love in a while.

Thanks for sharing!

Candice Reszko

The one thing that I would like to do for myself is buy a really inspiring scrap kit. I won't go into details as to what happened to all of my scrap supplies but my goal is to slowly rebuild. One step at a time. One day at a time and just to do what I love best. Create! Thank you for all your stunning work and time as well.


Look at all the people you inspire Melissa! I'm happy just knowing that someone will get a goodie package filled with your sun shiny treasures! I think each of us get a few stolen moments to ourselves when we come here.

cindy barriga

I plan to read a book or two + craft a handful of pages to my on going project. Hoping it will be complete in a few days. You are a fantastic crafter and I thoroughly enjoy reading daily. <3

Rebecca Ednie

I regularly schedule nice long bubble baths for myself. Ahhhh! :)

Margaret Ann Durtschi

Hey girl! I just recieved my "Handmade" Feb/Mar issue. When my husband handed the mail to me it was on the top of the pile, and I told him---This has got to be Melissa's. Great idea, as always. Thanks for all your inspiration and heartfelt thoughts. Ann

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