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January 23, 2010



I must start some exercises....I'm going rusty because I spend a lot of time making cards and mini albums...I think I'm addicted..Thanks for sharing your masterpieces.

Suzanne Daniels

Today, I had a "ME" day. I haven't had one of those in a long time. I got the dinner ready yesterday in the crockpot and got all the laundry done yesterday also so today was all mine. Went to church early, came home, changed back into my PJ's. Made a card, finished a mini scrapbook album I had started last year (maybe even the year before!), knit two disclothes using left over wool, watched tv, caught up on my fav. show, Criminal Minds. Realised I need to do this more often. Thanks for a wonderful giveaway. You are so inspiring and your cards are just beautiful.

Jo R.

Melissa, such lovely work as usual! Even though your style is so different to mine, I just adore what you do with stamps and paper and all the bits 'n' pieces! This week I am going to find some time to start the online photography course I've signed up for. I'm only 3 weeks late! ;)


This week I will be putting the finishing organizing touches on my office/craft room. I have been avoiding this task for about 2 years!!! I did a major purge last week and feel like the task of getting organized is finally within reach. It is so nice to want a particular crafty item and know exactly where it is!

Angy Hughes

I am going to sit down and really work on my bible study. Want to fill myself on the WORD. Afterwards I will make myself a cappuccino (my fav) and go into my studio to create something!

Wendy McKee

Okay.. not sure if people in the Uk can enter but i took some time for me and my son this weekend... we spent all day in bed...we read books, watched telly and had tickle fights and laughed ALOT!!!! i had the best day ever!

Radistka Kat

This week I am going to start preparation for St.Valentine's - have lots of cards to do as I have so many people whom I love!
Your projects are beautiful! I just adore your blog!

Anna Pontikis

I absolutely love your blog and everything you create you are such an inspiration to every crafter. I am going to start spending time meditating each day this week to quiet my mind and hopefully it will become a long term habit. I think it is essential to slow down and allow our bodies and minds to really be still and rest. Anna

Karen from Ontario

This week is a busy one but I have a special friend I am going to meet with for her birthday. The time we spend together is so precious.


I'm going to allow myself one day where I plan nothing and just wake up that morning and wing it! If I choose a day to stay in my wonderfully comfortable pajamas - so be it! Love your creativeness!

Melody Reynolds

Hi Melissa! Great cards, as always. This week I am going to go to my Yoga class. I have gotten out of the habit since the holidays and really miss it. I am also going to renew my gym membership. Exercise is a way for me to stay mentally focused as well as physically healthy. I also want to find a good book and get my prep-work done for a Valentine card class I am teaching on the 6th of February. Thanks so much for all your inspiration. I love your work and thoughts.


Melissa, your creations are fantabulous!! My favorite style is the shabby chic, vintage look that you always achieve so beautifully! I want to re-decorate my bedroom in that same style so today I'm starting with the linens. Im off to shop for the most delicate rose covered bedspread and sheets I can find. Thanks for the inspiration!


I am going to give myself some extra scrappy time this week. Life makes it hard for me to find time for myself, eventhough my kids and hubby are well-taken care of, so a little scrappy time is my nice thing for myself!


Oh, I did it yesterday! I attended a scrap fundraiser for a girlfriends little girl. It was a fabulous day with friends and for a great cause. I had so much fun talking and laughing I only got 2 pages done the whole day but it was just the therapy I needed!!

rhonda nickol

Love your cards! I am going to try to catch up on sleep, my 16 yr old is wearing me out with all her activities but I wouldn't change a thing.


This week I am working on painting my bedroom so I have a peaceful retreat for many a days to come. Cannot wait to have a fresh start. Also weeding thru the closet and donating all those things that just don't fit anymore that I've been thinking I might be able to get back into "One of these days!"

lori p

how sweet of you to share some of your favorite creative yummies with us... this week i plan on setting up my soldering area and doing my first soldered collage project!! i can't wait!! thanks for inspiring me daily with your creativity, your love of God, family and life!!! bless you!

cindy e

I am going to move my craft room to my in-the-process-of-getting-remodeled basement, so my son can have his own room. So maybe thats really for him...but I do look forward to having a space created again for my favorite pasttime.

I love your blog, btw. read it everyday:) Thank you!


Your spirit is as sweet as your blog/creations ... I stop in everyday and smile! Thanks! I recently had surgery and re-discovered the beauty of "rest and relaxation". Even tho I'm going back to work this week, I will allow myself some R&R time - which for me could be crafts, a manicure, or extra bible study time. But --- I want to know what YOU are going to allow yourself to do this week?!


Thanks Melissa, that is a hard one, with our busy lives we sometimes forget we need a bit of me time, but for me, my "me" time is just spending some time in my craft room, creating pages that capture all our great memories, to keep forever!!
Thanks for all your great inspiration, you are so super talented!!

Kristin Burge

Beautiful treats for the eyes! Thank you for sharing. For myself this week...I am going to squeeze out some time to give myself a manicure...and do some scrapbooking of course!
-Kristin B.

Natlaie Winterstein


I am going to get a haircut tonight - but I decided to get some color done too! It's my way to shake the winter blahs and treat myslef a little! I almost laughed out loud when I saw that you are asking people what they are doing for themselves this week because I am soooooooo looking forward to my pampering tonight! Thanks so much for sharing you talent.


Thanks for the beautiful inspiration! This week I will buy myself a new lipstick and I'm having lunch with a neighbor.

Debbie Mercer

Hi Melissa. I love the cards very much. Your vintage style inspires me all of the time. This week I am going to get my husband to put the kids to bed for a change and I am going to take myself to the gym to start getting healthy!
Thanks for all the great inspiration.

Jerri K

I hope to try to make a card inspired by one of yours this week. I am going to try to do new things this week since it is my 63rd birthday today. I don't want to let time pass me by without trying as many new things as possible

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