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January 23, 2010


Mel H

I love your projects. I hope to paint my toenails this week...I rarely do that anymore, and it always makes me feel a bit better. Probably do my daughter's while I'm at it...maybe even give in and do them in rainbow colors like she's always begging for.


I am spending time with my gilfriend...Seems like life gets in the way more and more. This week we will catch up and laugh and of course eat! Thanks for your fabulous blog!

Heidi Gore

I am having a ladies night out at my house and we are going to snack, laugh and watch a female Christian comedian together. These times are too few and far between and I am looking forward to making it fun and special for everyone who comes.

heidi @ dicarlo 1 dot com


Hi Melissa! Thanks for the opportunity to win something so cool! This week I plan on cleaning up my stamp room and starting on some sweet Valentines for my loved ones!

Sharon Knitter

I am working on getting really healthy this year. My husband and I are pretty good with eating and working out but I think we could take it up to the next level. I'm working on some inspiring notes and little books to keep us going.

Connie F.

Beautiful cards! This week my husband is out of town, so I am going to relax a little each night and read a good book or make some cards.

Linda E

I just found your blog and you can count me as your newest subscriber. Your projects are absolutely beautiful! This week, I am going to carbe out some time to scrapbook with a very dear friend. Can't wait!

Jinny Newlin

I'm going to take a girls night out scrapbooking on Friday. Thanks so much for the chance to win! I just love your papercrafting style!


I have two big things going on the next couple of weeks. I am going through all my cardmaking/scrapbooking supplies that will be donated to a local womens shelter. I am also going on a scrap weekend that will, for me, be a cardmaking weekend. I'm taking my PTI stash with me to make some greeting cards and box as a donation to a fundraiser for my Compassionate Friends chapter.


Oh Melissa! I always enjoy visiting your blog everyday. That in itself is a BIG treat for me!!

My DH gave me a massage gift certificate that I haven't had the time to use yet. I think I'll get it out and put it to good use this week!!! ♥♥ Kay

Lillian Child

Your blog is one I visit daily for inspiration, and to actually have a chance to receive some of your favorite goodies would be so much fun. This week I'm going to sit by the fire and read a new book, which is my favorite "self indulgence".

Cheri Mosgrove

Hi Melissa! Thank you for offering a wonderful giveaway. . . a package from Lilybean would be such fun to receive!! This week I am planning to take some time to sit and sew. I've decided to make myself a quilt. . . a simple pattern, but it is my very first try at quilting! I've got my fabrics all picked and ready to go! FUN!


Beautiful pieces today as always :) One thing I plan on doing for just me this week is going to the spa and having someone pamper for for a couple of hours.


Love all your cards! They are truly inspirational. Aside from my everyday chores and the challenges of being a single mom of 2, I think I will bake some chocolate cupcakes. I'm no expert, but what the heck! I love chocolate! :)~

Lynne Phelps

I am trying to dedicate time for me every day, usually an hour in my craft room. Of course it doesn't always happen, but having it as a goal really helps! I need that time to balance all the workday stress.

Also, I was wondering what kind of glitter you use to get that "sugar-coated" look, like on the first card's heart? I am new to glittering, so any tips you could post for us on the best types of adhesive for different purposes, glitter control and cleanup, anything. I consider you the absolute QUEEN of GLITTER! My hero!


Hello there! I found your blog last week, and I am IN LOVE! Your work is inspiring and amazing! Your question got me to thinking...I have always felt quilty about planing something just for "me"...I want to change that. So tonight, I am going to carve out some time to just "play" with my beads and vintage paper...and just see what happens. Now I can't wait to get home! Thanks for the time you put into this truly is wonderful!!

Sav O'Gwynn

SOOOOOOOOOO pretty! I love all of these! Thanks so much for this great giveaway--this week, I'm actually going to spend time working on a quilt (that I haven't touched in 3 years!)....and possibly work out on my new treadmill....that second goal could wait just another day:)

Donna Davis

Thanks for giving us a chance to win a special gift from you! I plan to pick a day this week run a hot bath with lots of bubbles and soak in the tub with a good book till I wrinkle like a prune:)I love your blog and get lots of inspiration from it!!


Yesterday was an inspiring day at today I will create. I always come away from CHA with a soul full of new ideas. Of course, I loved and wanted everything in the Melissa Frances both. Just can't get enough. Thanks for all you do and share with the blog world. Nancy in So Cal


Spending time with my family and nursing a very sore torn muscle.
Claudia F.


will be doing a home mini facial and masque-and just relax so no one sees that on my face-hahahah

Stephanie Smith

I am actually taking some me time right now to dig into the stash to work on some Valentine's for my kiddos to give away at daycare. Thanks for the chance to win.

Rhonda Zamora

One evening after dinner I am going to go to my scrap/craft/art room and create until I can't keep my eyes open!! I love my room but do not get to spend enough time there.


I'm 7, almost 8 months pregnant with my first baby (and over the moon with joy! :) ) and my back is really feeling the weight of my tummy... It aches quite a lot and so I think I'll do my best to relieve the pain by streching etc and by avoiding sitting down for long periods of time (which is hard as my craft table is calling out to me all the time...).


Thanks a lot for the question! It is a real problem I do plan a lot of things for my family but nothing really nothing for myself. So I will do it now and find an hour for a bubble bath plus music%)

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