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January 23, 2010



I am going to watch Emma on Masterpiece Classics! I can't wait!

Cari Skuse

You are such an inspiration, Melissa. I love to look at your creations each day.
This week I plan on doing more of my creative work. It is a balm for the soul.
Can I ask what glitter you use? I really like it and was wondering which one.

Verona H

My word this year is "accept. I received the "word" necklace I ordered in the mail yesterday and I felt so special wearing it today, even though no one noticed it or commented on it. It was something I did for me, and will remind me to be accepting of myself and others. I enjoy your blog so much.


Oh how I love seeing your work! It's like reading a beautiful book. Thank you for the offer of a giveaway. Our only grandchild will soon be celebrating his first birthday, so I am putting together a little book of his first year for our daughter, his mama. Then I am going for a nice walk before the rain begins this evening.

my have a beautiful can tell in ypur writings...i love your blog, you are such a talented person...thankyou for your constant inspiration...ok...what am I doing for myself this week....I will put aside some time to maake a handbag that I have been wanting to make for ages...take

Rose R

I am treating myself to 5 days off of work to go visit my Aunt Mae that will be 88 years young and still works 5 days a week taking care of old people. ( at least that's what Aunt Mae calls her job ) She is a spitfire woman that I admire so much. AND I will be wearing my Fat Baby boots! Thank you for the picture of the boots, I fell in love with them and found a store in my area that had them. Yiipppppeeee!


Thanks for all your inspiration! Well I have made my annual physical and gyn appt, but that's not very exciting. So to reward myself I will take that afternoon to just relax. Whether that's enjoying a new book or crafting I haven't decided yet. Will go with the flow that day.


I plan to have breakfast with a friend at a French restaurant.

L. Brown

I am going to get a massage this week. My children got me a gift certificate for the massage at Christmas and this week will be my birthday so that's what I plan to do. I am also going to enjoy your blog--you make such beautiful things. It's so sweet of you to give someone such a nice gift.


A giveaway of your faves sounds delightful!

I get to scrap during my littlest girls nap almost every day, and we are building our dream home, so it seems in every day there is a little reward for me.

Margaret M

Love, Love, Love your work! It is so inspiring! Winter really gets me down but I plan on working on valentines for all my loved ones this coming week.


After staying up until 3.30 am crafting I will be up at 7am to feed and ride my beautiful cob around the country lanes of England and then see my grandaughter.How lucky am I xx

Amy L. Weber

I'm a first-time new mom, so honest to goodness, I already did something for me just today--I shaved my legs!! It is hard enough to get in a shower every day, let alone do that duty! Thanks, love your blog and your sweetness-filled writing style.

Anna Timpson

This week I am taking an extra day off working at the hospital caring of patients to focus on my kiddies a little more. Sometimes I have to do this to keep a healthy balance. I will listen to them read, feed them healthy food, watch movies, and be silly with them. Of course my own selfish treat will be getting a little creative inspiration here and maybe make a birthday card for my baby sis.

You make everything bright and beautiful.Thank you for sharing your to you and yours.

Michelle in Boise

That's a tough question. But you know...some of us who were challenged with having children....waited years and years for them and finally have them - doing for them really is doing for us. For me, I had all the time in the world to do all the me the things that make me happy, content, go to bed at peace are doing for my children. So something special this week - my little girl got an Easy Bake Oven from Santa...we haven't taken it out of the box yet. That one-on-one mommy/daughter time is the most cherished thing in the world to me and baking our little Easy-Bake chocolate cake will warm my heart...and tickle my soul.
Thanks, Melissa - another man's trash is another man's treasures and my goodness, anything you thought suitable to work with I would be overjoyed to call my own and create beauties that pale in comparison to your wonderful work - - but would be just as heartfelt.

Chrissy L

Hi! Thanks for sharing these beauties - I love reading your blog via Google Reader. :-)
This week I am going to work on piecing a quilt ... just for me ... just for fun!

Liz in MO

Well, my husband is coming home week after next from being gone for almost a year, so I am going to go and get my hair colored and highlighted, pedicure and manicure. Can't wait.

Susan Tethal

Hi Melissa,
Oh such a sweetie you are, as always, beautiful creations and your words, just as lovely. And thanks for sharing those sheep pictures. Don't the hearders intrigue you? They do me, we love searching for them all summer long up here in the wilds of Wyoming.
Anyway, I would lovee to find a wee bit of time to make some cards, just for fun, just for the heck of it!. That would be a wonderful afternoon to me;)


I plan on spending the end of this coming week playing host to my sister who will be in town for a little end of Jan. winter clearance shopping and just doing girl things.



We joined a gym 1-3-10. Having never been a member before it has been hard to make myself go.
But it has had some benefits (even though I haven't seen any weight loss). I hate exercise. But I make myself go. I have missed 1 day and that was because I was ill and had a fever.
Thanks for sharing all your things with us.


Oh my goodness, you have worked your magic with these products Melis....wonderful to see how you use certain things and combine them all together to such perfection. Here in Australia the kids go back to school this coming Wednesday after 6 weeks off and since Wed is the day I don't work I am going to do whatever I like from 8am - 3pm...not answering to anyone but myself...wooooohooooo *lol*. xL

Jolene B

I am going to spend time with my husband who is returning from Iraq tomorrow. It has been a long year. We have three beautiful children and having him gone really puts your life and what you do with it in perspective. Cherish every moment with each other. Thanks for an opportunity to win your goodies. Your artwork is gorgeous!


Fabulous cards, Melissa, as always! Love that pop of color you've got going in the butterfly card... makes me think of spring. This week I'm going to make my doctor's appointment for my annual physical. Certainly not glamorous, but I tend to constantly put off these important wellness visits for myself, even though I schedule them religiously for the kids. Gotta take care of me, for them :)

Amy Duff

Whew! Am I ever glad it's the weekend! I completely concur with you on Saturday night's. Pretty calm and slow paced at my house. Just how I like it. No need to fret about clothes being washed for school, lunches to be packed, homework papers to sign. Nope, a night off! :-) Pure heaven. So the one thing I am doing for myself this weekend is...catching up on blogs and hopefully posting myself! Lovely cards you shared this evening! Thank you for always inspiring!

Randee E

I am going to find time to sit in a quiet comfy place and snuggle up with the book I've tried starting many times. I LOVE getting wrapped up in a good book! Thanks for the reminder and the push to make and take time for ourselves. You inspire in soo many ways :0)

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