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January 23, 2010



Such beautiful cards - thank you so much for posting them! Your challange is very timely - I was just thinking that this week I am going to make sure that we eat balanced meals at night - life has been busy and gotten in the way of this simple task. It's for my family, but also myself. I feel so much better when I can cook a pleasing meal!


I think the greatest gift I can give myself right now is to start believing in myself.

Laura Ann

I love your work; you are such an inspiration. This week I am going to work on a scrapbook project I started before Christmas of our family birthdays from 2009 and hopefully finish it!! I got a Cricut and want to play with it, too! :)

JennyP (UK)

Such lovely cards - as always! This week we have booked ourselves tickets for the theatre, a last-minute decision to treat ourselves to a night out together!


What am I going to do for myself? Why, scrap, of course! Just me in my craft room....and enjoying every minute of it!

Jodie M.

I'm going to give myself a pedicure this week. Makes me feel so girly!

Thanks for sharing your beautiful work. It is so inspiring.

Deirdre O'Donoghue

ah Melissa, my time for me in my crazy world at the moment is when I can take out the laptop and visit you.....even if you were never to make another card, just to read your words is just so soothing and calming, a restful moment, an oasis of calm. Of course, your cards are just out of this world and at times just soo mouth watering. Love it all and thank you.


Melissa  Ladd

This week I'm going to work on eating more healthily and exercising where I can. I also plan to spend some time, even if just a few minutes, playing with my new stamps!

Luanne tenHarmsel

I am going to close the door to my stamping room and STAMP! Thanks so much!


This afternoon I'm going to clean my scrap table off from all the 2009 Holiday Project mess. I have not done a single project in 2010. Not crafting for 3 weeks is not good for my soal.

Mary W.

I'm going to go get a manicure & pedicure!!! Thanks for the chance to win some wonderful goodies!!


Happy Sunday Melis,
I stop by your blog every day to see what you have been up to your blog is a joy to read and inspiring!!!
I am sitting here with a dose of the miseries..FLU..and i miss my crafting ,i only really have time at weekends and typical it waited to raise its wee head when i am not at work,hope to do some crafting for me when i feel like my head isnt going to explode every time i move it,lol.
your blog brightens my day Melis wishing you and your family a good week ahead.


Today is the first of a 3 day weekend for me. I have a lot I want to get done but just for me will be sitting down at my craft table and working on cards/layouts. It's my favorite thing to do just for me.

Peggy Sue

First, I love all your vintage cards and projects. It is very hard to find me time because I am a SAHM and homeschool mom but I guess something I could do for me is to take a nice walk and enjoy what God has created. Yes, that sounds really nice right now. God bless!

Christine Johnson

beautiful cards as always! this week is extremely busy but I always take an hour for myself each evening when everyone goes to bed and delve into the world of historical novels ..I love to read! (cjfinland)

Erin Smetak

Hey Melis! Thanks for a wonderful givewaway! How cool would that be to win!!!
What am I going to do for myself this week? This coming Saturday I am going stamping with my best stamping girls! We do this once a month, and it's so nice to chat all day and do what we love, STAMP! LOL! That is my monthly treat to myself! No kids, no husband, just me and my friends!

I hope that YOU get to do something for yourself too!!!!

Ann D.

This week I'm making a commitment to CREATE! Thanks so much for your inspiration. I just love visting your creativity everyday.

Peggy Sue

First, I love all your vintage cards and projects. It is very hard to find me time because I am a SAHM and homeschool mom but I guess something I could do for me is to take a nice walk and enjoy what God has created. God bless!

Sylvie H

Your work is so inspiring! If only I didn't have to rush to hockey games for dd and then ds, I'd be rushing to the craft room to play. And so, that is my goal for this week. To make some time for me to do my favorite past time... paper crafts.

Nancy Wethington

Beautiful work! I'm hooking up the wii and doing something fun with it!


Dear Mellis,
You are so special. I love reading your blog it is often so inspirational. We all struggle with the everyday. Your cards and projects are beautiful. Today we are going to meet friends at the Apple Store always a treat and then out to brunch. That is special for me.

Margie McAlinden

I fairly new to your blog but am I happy to have found it, your work is very inspiring! This week, though not as glamorous as most of the other posts or as fun and relaxing, I will schedule a much needed and overdue appointment with a dermatologist for myself :)


This week I am making a me day....Which has been much needed. So I am starting with a jog then going to sit and scrapbook and maybe even fit in a pedicure....Thanks for all you share and the inspiration. I never even purchased vintage products for my cards or scrapbook pages until I started seeing all of the beautiful creations you share. Thanks Yvette


How sweet of you!! I think I am going to try to make myself walk every morning this week. I tend to put my health last (and crafting first :0) ). LOVE your blog, thank you so much for your wonderful words and work!!


i am so inspired and uplifted by the things you create-- your blog is one i check daily for new creative juices. thanks so much for the giveaway!

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