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January 19, 2010


Kim FAucher

Oh so beautiful Melissa! I love this time of year.
Yes, I have indulged in Pioneer Womans chocolate cake.. it truly is the perect cake!!


Nancy M

These new products are enticing, but I think much of that is due to your showcasing of them. All your designs are beautiful, but that sweet little paper purse is calling my name... just like PW's cake is calling yours.


Gorgeous lovelies! Black cherry glimmer mist?!? Yummy!


Absolutely beautiful cards and inspiring!

Kristin Burge

Uh oh...I love glimmer mist and those new colors look simply yummy! And i probably will have to try the Pioneer Woman's cake recipe...I just discovered her - and yum yum yum!!!

Thanks for sharing!!
-Kristin B.

Rose R

Once again a beautiful sight to see. You are amazing! Thank you for sharing the recipe also.


Love that PW recipe too!!! Mmmmm, you've got me thinking about dessert tomorrow. And I can't wait to get my hands on the Chocolate Cover Cherries Glimmer Mist! Adore that paper purse, it is divine.

Melissa Sauls

This is just eye candy OVERLOAD!! I always adore your work. Thanks so much for sharing so openly. :)


I'm right there with you about the chocolate covered cherries glimmer mist... got behind in my homework so I was banned from the computer, but I'm back and you Mrs Phillips have not lost you touch!!! If possible you have gotten even more creative....


Hello Melis,
Oh these are just stunning cards. They are stunning and I will have to see if my little shop will carry any of the new stuff by M.F.
Thanks for sharing hon, I love what you do!


One word; lovely! You make such beautiful things; thanks for sharing!

Diane Hov at Nellies Nest

Stunning as always.....can't wait to get my hands on some of that new MF product and the Glimmer all the projects...and your cottage~vintage look is divine!!

janet robson

stunning beautiful i am blown away by your creations

Karen W

Just gorgeous work, I love both MF products and Tattered Angels and have tried to find an online store for them with no luck. Everyone around us that use to sell these products has closed. Can you help? Thanks so much

Valerie C

I love them all!! You've been so busy and the results are stunning!!!

Rachel Greig

Oh yum yum, both the projects and the cake!!!


I love your work. What inspires me about these is that I can totally see using these techniques in scrapbooking since I scrapbook more often than make cards. Love the beach day card and can so see using this on a scrapbook layout! Thanks so much for sharing with us!

f lynn rush

you have out-done yourself! products! lots of eye candy! what a treat for a potentially dull day!

Becky Elliott

Love the new MF products!! And of course, I'm in love with Tattered Angels as well! Thanks for your beautiful cards. As always, my heart melts when I see your work!!


Oh just fantastic cards today! I love the seahorse on your beach day card. Have you ever tried PW's French Breakfast Puffs? They are also fantastic!

Jan in Tucson


mary from maine

Ooh the Prettiness! :)
I love it all.
Thanks for sharing with us today

Roxanne Olsen

beautiful!! you are so inspiring and it's just plain fun to admire your projects. thanks for sharing them with us all!!
I have now been tempted to try that chocolate sheet cake...oh dear...

Audrey Pettit

You are a genius, Melissa!

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