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January 25, 2010



Oh that last card is simply lovely!!!!! :)


Love you houses and a card!

you are so to check out your blog when you update...take


love those cute cottages... Can't wait to see what u created from the photo.... And your guests too

Amber Goble

Beautiful creations! I just checked out the MF Blog and so glad Melissa is well! She looks fantastic. And I looked at the new product catalogue! WOWZERS!


the houses are just gorgeous! Love them!

Tracey McNeely

Always inspiring to visit your blog Melissa, and your shabby cottages are just to stinking cute.

Diane Jaquay

I don't comment on every one of your posts Melissa, but I want to let you know that I do look at everything you do, and I'm in serious awe of your talent. Your creations take me to a very magical place, a glittery, sparkling, fairytale like place that I thoroughly enjoy visiting :) You are amazing!


loving the cottage and the card!!

Linda Whitman

Love to read your blog everyday. Not only are you a talented crafter but you have such a positive outlook which also inspires. Thank you.


I will keep in mind the cottages. I so love them, but haven't had reason to buy one yet... they are so beautiful, I may just need to have one because.

Hope you have a great day.


Hi Mel! Are those cottages shown here for sale? (I checked your Etsey - not listed there). If so, I'd take one. BTW, thanks for the MF gracious giveaway tip! Love your card creations! Have a blessed day!

Eileen Velez

Your work is beautiful!


this is beautiful beautiful...hugs


your blog is full of beautiful eye candy and inspirational words...thank you!

Elizabeth S.

Your houses are so beautiful! Such a wonderful card. I love seeing your creations. I admire them so much.


Melissa my comment is always the same and perhaps a bit boring :) .......!
But all the things you create are special and beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

Elaine Allen

Melis -

I just love your art work. It is just amazing.

Elaine Allen

Joy (dustypenny)

So stunning!

Jennifer Cruz

Love the houses.. Thanks so much for sharing with everyone..

Алена - LeeM

Ooo, very very beautiful!!! I love it

Maz Penny

I love the houses, but the card is perfect! Did you make the daisies yourself if yes... How!! their so sweet, if not where can I get them? :) great work!!

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