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January 18, 2010



Wow, sooooo very beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing.

Diane Hov at Nellies Nest

Beautiful...I can hardly wait to get my hands on some of that crepe paper, I love the vintage look of it!

Hilary Kanwischer

Oh how pretty!! I too am in love with her crepe paper. It's so fun and I love the colors. :) Your projects are as beautiful as always Melissa. :)



Pretty, Melis!
And I think you should write a book on it. It would be lovely.

Jill Geraghty-Groves



Looks wonderful Melis! *HUGS & PRAYERS* for you and your sweet little bean!


I hope your Little Bean gets better soon! I know ypur busy, busy, busy and always find the time to show us your adorable creations!!

Sandra Smart

Hi Melissa, Here is a little something that may help your little one's earache. Heat an onion half in the microwave for 2 minutes, or until warm - not hot. Wrap it in a soft cloth or paper towel, apply the flat side to the ear and hold for 15 minutes. The heated vegetable emits sulfer, an anti inflammatory gas that easily penetrates the ear canal to relieve pressure and pain. Hope that helps!

Erika M

Your creations are absolutely amazing!

Jana Eubank

Beautiful!!! I love the way you do details! Sending lots of well-wishes your way for your little one! ;)


Oh wow, that new paper looks amazing! Can't wait to see what else is to come! I hope Sierra feels better soon, Stephanie x

Elaine Allen

Melis -

Fantastic! I just love the way you put things together. All your art always has a fairy tale quality to it, just lovely. Hope you little bean feels better real soon.

Elaine Allen


Aren't we mommies always so busy with one thing or another?! I love the project, so pretty! Hope your little bean is feeling better soon, those earaches can be such a pain! Hugs!

Alison Gibbs

Ooh such sweet creations.
Loving them all
Hope your little darling is soon better and no more ear aches

jen shears

Soooo pretty!!! Can't wait to see more!
Hope your little Bean's ears feel better soon! Sweet that she has a friend named Bridger- my little sweet pea does too!
I'm sure dinner was scrumptios!


Loving all your creations,crepe paper IS so much fun, any other ideas for it? My dh brought me a goodie bag with German crepe paper doublesided difsrent colors. What can ido with it?
Saying a little prayer for your bean.

Karen W

Wow I can't wait to see the new papers, they are gorgeous. Your cards and sheets are stunning.

Valerie C

Love the projects...I always do! My children have unique names, Chandler, Chaisleigh, and Kirse(rythmes with Pierce). The kids always mispronouce them (and some adults). Some of the names they come up with are so funny. During my sons baptism the minister called him Curse instead of Kirse. Who would name their child curse? LOL!

Jan in Tucson

Melis, do you have the recipe for "Hamburger Pie"? Brown 1 lb hamburger with 1/4 chopped onion. Add 1 can tomato soup and 1 can green beans. Heat through. Put in 8 x 8 pan and top with mashed potatoes. Top with slices of Velveeta cheese and pop into the oven til the cheese melts.

So yummy and comforting. Have a great day. Jan in Tucson :)


Where can I get the hanger on your 1st card today...I LOVE IT!!! and I LOVE ALL you work!!! Will you be going to CHA in CA???

Erin Smetak

Oh my gosh, I LOVE your creations today! And where can I get some crepe paper????!!!! I want some too!!!!!! It looks like SO much fun to use!!!


I repeat myself; Melissa this is beautiful.As always; I love all the amazing things you create! I hope that Sierra is feeling better soon.

You wrote: "please come back soon". I wil be :) It is a pleasure to visit your blog!


So beautiful! I love the look and texture crepe paper can give any project!


Stunning creations, Melissa! I think I will be needing that envelope and tag book! Thanks for enabling.

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