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February 27, 2010



gorgeous projects...thanks sooo much for taking the time to be the Guest DT over at Get Sketchy! We are thrilled to have you...your work is consistently over the top fabulous!



mary ann santos

I really like your way you put together elements, the color theme...and your projects ar so classy and full of life..thanks for inspiring me.

Margie Davidson

Hi Melis
switched on my computer this morning and opened up your blog (as usual) When I saw your lovely heart card, I shouted over to my hubby to take a look at what this lady does that inspires me so much. He actually said "wow" then commented that you'd even stitched on the buttons Believe me - that's a real compliment! I can only aspire to your standards but having great fun along the way. Love Margie (UK)

Marcie S.

I just love reading about all the happiness going on in your life. Visits to see Grandma and Grandpa are always such a joy for me and my little darlings as well! As usual, your projects are simply amazing and I'm glad I made your blog the first stop of my day!


Whenever I visit your blog I'm inspired. I'm so glad to hear that you and little bean had such a lovely visit with the grandparents. It's those precious family moments spent together that we treasure most in our heart.



As usual Melissa your posts are so peaceful and loving! It always gives me a fresh, warm perspective to the day. Your creations are PURE inspiration and delight for me. So glad you and your daughter had such a nice visit!

Kim FAucher

Yes..I had picked up Mixing Bowl too... I love how the mix of recipes just makes me try new foods and techniques...
I love that little mini album the buttons are yummy!


I turned on my computer and as always is your blog the first thing to visit. (That ain't a suprise huh....!)
I am glad that you and your little bean had a wonderful mini getaway while visiting little beans'grandparents.

Ahhhh everything is breathtaking,It's amazing the way you turn a weekly organiser into something so beautiful!
Love your cards too; as always :)


Thank you for sharing your life and your art - I'm always inspired by both!

Gabi With An Eye

What a delightful trip to see Mom & Dad! Your visits to your parents are food for the sould (yours and mine as well). I can just see those sweet primroses lighting up your kitchen with all their sweetness. (I'm coveting your heart lace card in a very BIG way).

jan metcalf

A wonderful surprise to see your post today! Lovely as usual! And your idea to have a weekly organizer, now that I really love!! And could really use! :)


lovely card

Audrey Pettit

Hey Melissa! So glad you got away on a little mini's always so great to soak up the love of your parents.
Your card is just stunning! I love the heart doily and the seam tape, too. And your weekly planner is fabulous. I so love to see you using the Webster's Pages goodies. SO very inspiring!

Yeona McEntire

What a BEAUTIFUL album! Gorgeous! Where did you get your ribbon? I always love your work!

Michelle Martin

Hi Melissa. Your weekly organizer made me squeal out loud! It's gorgeous....and the little envies got me all excited. I love office supply sorts of things. :) And oh my goodness, did you find a fabulous blog in Bluebird Notes! Thank you for sharing your great find with us. Have a great Tuesday!

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