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February 16, 2010



I love fresh baked bread. That is all we had growing up. My grandma made the best bread. Once we got older and started going out we always waited for the bakeries to open early in the morning and would pick some up, hot from the oven, on the way home. So good! I have never tried, but I love my bread machine! I just saw that card at Emma's blog and fell in love!


Yummmm.... wish I could smell the bread baking! Your fairy card made me gasp, it's so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Uberart - Beth

I got a bread machine last year and just love it! Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked bread...except for eating it!

I love the crystal dangle on the last card. So pretty!

karen q

When my children were little I used to make all our bread and spend hours upon hours canning. It was a lot of work, but it was "love" work. As always, absolutely gorgeous cards. Hope the bread turned out perfectly.

Dawn McVey (dawnsing)

Hi Dearie,

Oh, how I love the colors on your Luck of the Irish card, so juicy! Mmmm.

Hope the bread is awesome!

Carol R

First, I love your cards posted this evening. I think it is the combination of the colors and patterns. They just blend very well together and make the clover stamp image work right along with it all. Second, I've just started to bake bread again. I love doing it but my challenge is our altitude. But we all love the smell of fresh bread filling the home! Good luck with yours!


Gosh the cards are just spectacular as usual. You truly are amazingly creative!! :) I used to make all of our bread but now that the chickadees are gone I dont use much bread BUT your honey buttermilk sounds pretty tempting. You must share that recipe!! :) You know they say the third times a charm. blessings

Donna VW

I cards are fabulous, as always. I love the quote - you need both to appreciate the other.

Paula Barin

Such pretty cards. I hope you post the recipe for the bread..... I can almost smell it! Yum!


lovely cards, nice collection

Elaine Allen

Hi Melis -

There is just something wonderful about the smell of fresh bread baking. It evokes memories of home, family, love and caring. It is sweeter than any perfume available. It is one of my favorite smells and always makes my mouth water. I hope you share your recipe with us when you have it completed.
I love the card set you created. They also convey that feeling of caring and love. So very beautiful Melis, what a super job you've done. I love all the detail you've put into them. But then, your details are what show the love you have for your work and the people around you. I feel myself enriched when I see what you create because I know its always made with love and caring.

Thank you!

Elaine Allen


I just love the cards and I love your stories; it's always a pleasure to read your stories. I hope that youve already been eating some of your'home made bread. And? Did it turn out good?


Just received a email from Maya Road that you are their newest team member. Girl, how do you do it? (How many teams are you on?)
If you go to sell the envelop-card they show of yours I'd llike it.


The bread sounds delicious and your projects are too! Hugs to you Melis!


Your bread recipe sounds delish. Would you mind sharing it, as the forecast looks like we will be snowed in this weekend, and I simply love the smell of something yummy baking in the oven while the snow is flying and fluttering outside :o)
God Bless You!


I come to your site often and am always inspired. I have baked bread for years and absolutely love it. I make a wonderful oatmeal bulgur bread that would make your eyes roll back in your head. Thanks for all of teh inspirations and good luck with bread baking, it is such a rewarding thing!!

jan metcalf

Lovely, lovely cards! Thanks for sharing your inspirations!

Jennifer K

I am totally digging your color combo on the St. Patrick's Day cards. I love the purple with the green - very fresh!

Karen G

Beautiful post! And beautiful cards! I just love the purple and green, they both really pop off of each other. And the card you made for Emma's Paperie is truely splendid!! :>


Beautiful cards!

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