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February 19, 2010



Lovely, Melissa!
Thank you for sharing.
Wishing you a beautiful day.

Deb Zaremba

Your cards are just beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us. Have wonderful evening. Hope that your bread comes out good, I'm sure it will be delicious.

Elaine Allen

Melis -

Since your bread is made with love, it will be wonderful! Love the projects you've posted today.

Elaine Allen


nice cards

Natalie Winterstein


Thank you for the beautiful cards. I love reading your posts and seeing you lovely creations - they make me feel relaxed and soothed. So pretty.

Also, I am glad to know that I am not the only one who has problems following directions in the kitchen ;)

Have a wonderful weekend.



Hi Melissa, gosh your work is so inspiring...lovin' the spring card....especially now that we've got snow covered streets over in my side of the world. I'm hoping to play along with your next photo inspiration!


Lovely, as always! I must also thank you for making me laugh-- I love that you used the word "sucky" to describe some of your bread making endeavors (although I'm sure they will turn our wonderfully, just like your cards!). Have a wonderful day, and thank you for the chuckle. : )


I woke up an hour ago (living in Europe; I am not going out of my bed in the middle of the night... :) ) and my garden was again covered with snow. Not a thick layer but still; no sign of spring. I watch your blog and what a nice view! You made some signs of spring and it's so adorable. I love both your cards. Thanks for sharing!
Did your bread turnout good? Have a fabulous weekend!

puddle jumpers studio

Hello Melis,
I did the color challenge again and had fun with it. I hope I didn't break any rules but if I did well then blame it on my age. Ha ha. Thank you for this challenge. It truly was a challenge for me. Both with the colors and just getting a card done after that last sucky one. ha ha.
Have a wonderful week and I hope you will share your recipe for oat and honey bread.

Karen W

Just beautiful both of them. I love all the fluff and things that you use on the cards, so gorgeous!!!


Melis, you have been talking about bread and seem to be having a challenge. Heather Bullard listed on your left side bar talks about making bread and a book she likes on Feb 19th. One of my favorite blogs makes bread several times a week. She lists her favorite bread book on Feb 3 or 4th. You might want to look at these. Good luck. I'm sure your bread skills will soon be as good as your card skills which are outstanding.

Erin Smetak

I just love reading your blog, because you remind me of myself! That would be so me to not follow directions! LOL! I hope your bread turns out yummy instead of sucky! ;)

Have a great day!


Lovely, absolutely lovely.

I think I'm still yong enough to get away with using the word lovely.... twice!


these are beautiful, simply beautiful...hugs


Ugh!!! Curse these stubby fingers!!! I forgot the u... young not yong!!!


These are so beautiful I could eat them :) and I hope your bread was good enough to eat.:)

Rhonda Zamora

I love your blog . . . I love your creations. Each day when I visit I leave with a smile and a contented sigh.

Kim FAucher

Homemade bread is wonderful... the house always smells so lovely!
Those cards are so beautiful I keep forgetting to link and post my cards from your beautiful inspirational pictures... I've done two of them ;)
Next one, I"ll share for sure!


Elaine Shannon

I just made my second loaf of the Honey Buttermilk bread. It is wonderful.. I think this may be my new go to recipe for bread,, Wonderful toast..


I love your are such an inspiration.

Pat Sullivan

Hi Melissa

I love the way you tie bows -
any hints on how you do them? they always look fabulous.
Love checking in on your blog
you make my day.


Did you ever snag yourself some barbed wire?


OMG I now have bow envy. Do you use a special tool to tie those beautiful things?


Hey Melis-Hope the bread turned out great...I made the Buttermilk Honey bread on Friday and thought it was delicious although I used sour milk instead of buttermilk cause that is all I had. Lovely little beauties you shared today!!! Have a wonderful week!

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