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February 25, 2010


Amy O

Thanks for the reminder to live in the moment. As I was hurrying to get my five year-old daughter dressed this morning, I paused and tried to clearly imprint in my memory her story about a "mudder" (mother) bunny that she was telling me. Oh how I want to remember how she says that word. Your post helped me to slow down and savor the moment. Thank you!


Hi Melissa,
I truly don't think that you have ever created a card that I didn't love! These recent cards are lovely as always! Just gorgeous! I do have one question for you though... I see cards all the time that are very 3 dimensional and I have created some myself and I can't help but wonder how they fit into envelopes. What do you do when you have to put your 3-D cards into envelopes?
Just wondering??
If you have time to answer, my e-mail address is

Diane Jaquay

So much beauty to gaze at in this post (sigh...) I really adore the first card with the sweet little bunny :)


Love the Easter card!

Lynne W

Gorgeous the spring colors!! You have a beautiful style, and your work is very inspiring! Enjoy the time spent with family!!


You are a wise woman. Very few woman understand this, until its too late...the kids are grown and on there own. Enjoy what God has given you and try to resist (always) the thoughts of rushing the children out the door.
I loved being a mother and now a grandmother of 11! I had four children 2 boys and 2 girls and have already lost 1 of the boys in an accident (27 yrs. old) and 1 of my girls to SIDS. I so treasure what I still have and look forward to seeing my other two in Heaven someday. Enjoy them now, life is so short.

Kathryn Martin

My goodness! What adorable cards!


Beautiful creations Melissa. I am a big fan of gingham too...just love the sweet country feel it gives an item. xL


nice card


Luscious! Absolutely love all of the wonderful and feminine details that you use.

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It’s great to see good information being shared and also to see fresh, creative ideas that have never been done before.


These are just awesome, as usual. I would really know how to make the little felt twisted flower with the pearl center. Can you enlighten us a little on that one. Thanks

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