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February 13, 2010



you are so talented! like them)


Amazing cards!! They're so gorgeous and sweet! I love your choice of colors and your style!

Katie Berberich

These card are all gorgeous, I love how you've used the buttons, they really "make" the cards don't they. I love your presentation too, such lovely photos :)

Mary J

Gosh, these are amazing. I think these are my most favs out of all your cards - grt job!


You have sold me on this set. Your cards, as usual, are exquisite!


Those cards are wonderful! Love each one of them. I specially love the ribbon you are using, where can I find it?


I just can't find the right words but I'll give it a try.. I can't choose one single card; I think they are all fabulous! Soooooo beautiful. I don't know how you do it time after time but it's amazing to see what you create!

Kelly Schirmer

Melissa you are SO talented! These cards are the sweetest things ever! People must do cartwheels when they see an envelope from you in their mailboxes!


Eye Candy! I just love your cards. They are the best ever. I love the soft colors you use and they are always so feminine. :D

Debbie Olson

Melissa, it's funny--the only coherent sound out of my mouth when I see your lovelies is always. . . wow, , , So beautiful!

Diane Jaquay

What can I say Melissa, all of these cards are simply EXQUISITE!!!

Carol R

All your cards are wonderful! I like how you stamped the images onto patterned paper. My two favorites are the Happy Easter card with the pompom tails on the bunnies and the Friendship Forever card. I just like how it all works together with the ribbon and little rosebuds.

Marisa G

These are just beautiful! I am always amazed at the creative ways in which you use stamps. Just lovely...


Wowie!!! I love everything - but had one of those "AHA" moments when I saw the little bunnies with the script and the soft color. I never thought of doing that - and the effect is just enchanting! I learn so much from you Melissa! Thanks!

Alice Golden

oh sure...thanks a lot Melissa... I hadn't really wanted this stamp set until looking at your post... my poor wallet :)
Seriously, thanks for all the wonderful inspiration - your work is amazing!


beautiful beautiful beautiful stuff....i gotta get me some...hugs


Simply gorgeous cards! I love all the beautiful touches and embellishments which makes each card so scrumptious!

jan metcalf

Lovely, lovely cards! Great details! It is all in the details isn't it? You are a great designer!

Tonya Peters

Gorgeous Cards!! Just love what you did with that set!

Kathy Tator

Wow! Amazing, Melissa. You never cease to come up with beautiful colors and combinations to make things so pretty. Thank you for sharing.

Helen F.

Oh My! All of your cards are amazing, Melissa. I just love love love the bunnies ~~ too cute!

Alyssa B

Ooooooh! what lovely cards!

Wren Manners

I cannot tell you how much i love your blog! i get excited every day to see what you are going to post! Thanks so much for adding to my day. Wren


Each day when I visit your blog, it adds beauty, peace, and inspiration to my life. You are gifted in so many ways and I can't thank you enough for sharing it with others. As usual, your offering to Papertrey is so beyond simple stamp sets and "tools". 'Exquisite' has been used several times to describe your work, and it is just that.


love your colors

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