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February 03, 2010



Oh that is just gorgeous!!!! Love your wooden buttons and that yummy ribbon!!
Thanks so much for this challenge and I can't wait to see the next photo!!

Gabi With An Eye

Pure preciousness - that's what this is. This is exactly what's it's all about. I'm here to warn you though, just don't blink.


Ohh how I just love that little story! Absolute cuteness..
I'd have to say that card captures that photo to a "t"... beautiful!
Can't wait for the next photo... definitely challenging me to step out of my comfort zone, and I'm lovin' it!


This gorgeous piece is so romantic and nostalgic, I just love it. The metal element with the spoon and the old photograph is a really unique and sophisticated combination.
I am really inspired by the work you and your dear friends are coming up with and I feel so lucky to be a part of it all. Thank you Melissa! xo


Your story about you and your lily bean is a pleasure to read. In fact, your blog is a daily pleasure to read and follow. And your cards? I wrote it several times before; beautiful and breathtaking. Thank you for sharing; you give me tons of inspiration. And I am impressed; that you are able to create all the cards that are ordered. How do you manage?
Have a nice day!


What a wonderful photo, I love your card and all the girls cards!! Great inspiration!


Wow fabulous inspiration! I just adore that picture!

Nancy M

I love reading your Mommy stories. They take me back to when my daughter was little. (She turns 21 this year!) It is heartwarming to see (read) how much you love and appreciate your time with Sierra. Not all parents do.

Your card is a wonderful combination of rustic and elegance. I've really been enjoying seeing all of the cards inspired by Leslie's amazing photographs. Thank you for the play date.


I Love the color combo!! This one is so inspirational! The amazing photographs always get me going.


Beautiful photo (love the colors) and equally beautiful interpretation!

Debbie Marcinkiewicz

What a fun challenge you offered for us this week! Cream and red are among some of my favorite color combos! Your card is simply perfect. Thanks for the chance to play along with you and the gals again this week!!!!!

Margaret M

Melissa you are an inspiration! I look forward to visiting your blog each day! The projects are just breathtaking! Loved the crayon story..enjoy those little girl years...I have two girls and now one is getting ready to be married. Such bitter sweet memories to cherish!


love the crayon story - i have been doing that with my grandson - and boy there are some NEW crayon colors! when my son started school we found out that a girl i went to school with now had a son in kindergaren with my son! so when they were in 4th grade the mom and i had to call each other to remember how to add fractions!! but we had fun figuring it out! so maybe Uncle Chris will let you learn too!! thanks for all of the inspiration you give out.

Sharnee Torrents

OH MY!!! YOur blog is AMAZING!!!! SImply super stunning!! I love it and will definitely be back! WOW!!
Thanks to the lovely Dawn i popped on over here! AS for this post, ADORABLE!!!! and that picture, I agree a life-time of inspiration right there!!
SMiles SHarnee :0)

Jolene S

Melissa, you are probably my all-time FAVORITE blogger. Your style of vintage inspires me BEYOND belief. I only wish I could create like that! All of the texture and layering... I'm still working on it. You really have an eye... GREAT JOB!!!

I wish I had some scrappy stores that carried this great product more readily available. We only have the big chain stores that all carry the same stuff. :( So, I live vicariously thru you!!!

One other thing, THANK YOU for your inspiration for me to become a better mother. I am now a stay-at-home-mom with 2 little girls: ages 18 months and almost 4 (going on 14!). It was difficult (I cringe that I even think that!) at first... being home all-day with my kiddos but now that we've settled into a routine and I've gotten to know them better (really... it scares me at how much I didn't know about them) things are FANTASTIC!!! Yes, we still have our days, but I find my mind wandering back to your words often and how I should be so thankful, for the good AND the bad days, that I have with my girls.

So... thank you.

P.S. Sorry this was so long!!! :(


Thanks for bringing these beautiful photos to our attention! Very inspiring. I made a couple mini Valentine's using your challenge.


Cute story, Melis! LOVE your art you created:)


Sweet story! I am sure I will get to help out on crayon duty soon (my grandson Caden will be 3 in June). I had to laugh when you said you still use your fingers to count. Caden's mommy, my daughter is 25 and we use to laugh how she counted when she was little...we called it her finger calculator. You could see she was really thinking about a math problem and her fingers on both hands would just be flying. LOL Thanks for sharing such a sweet story & beautiful photos!

Beatriz Jennings

this card is so beautiful Melissa ;) I love it !

Sarah Martina

Thank you for another wonderful inspiration, Melissa. :) I'm so excited to have played along.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ingrid Danvers

Thanks so much for this inspiration challenge, Melissa. I had fun playing along. Here's my card...

Lisa Dolson

Melissa, oh, your card is so you and so perfect for the inspiration picture. I love your vintage buttons and layout. So sweet! Thank you for sharing with us!

Lisa V.

Hi Melissa,
I love the inspiration that you are providing. The colo combos. are great. Thank you for sharing and for letting us submit. Here is my take on the picture and I also submitted this to Nichole Heady's blog for the PTI emboss resist challenge. Thanks again.

Audrey Pettit

Had such a ball playing along with your fun challenge, Melissa! I am always so inspired by you and am a huge new fan of Leslie's blog, too. thanks for sharing the beauty!

Cindy Holshouser

I am so happy you are having these photo inspirations. I'm a little late but here is my card.

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