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March 23, 2010



Love your twill tape and I adore those cards; I think they are oh so beautiful. You are amazing!



Karen G

Beautiful creations! I love pink myself (and my daughter pretty much surrounds herself, by choice, in oodles of pink!), wore it all the time as a child and now love to use all shades of it in paper. THat bundle of tea stained twill tape is absolutely delish! :>

Chrissy L

I hope you've made more tea stained twill than that ... because I am sure it won't last long! :-)

Beautiful cards and projects ... thanks for sharing!

Milagros C. Rivera

wow the twill looks amazing!
I finally did my grasshopper and pink, here is the link, it is the third image with the rabbits, LOL


That tea stained twill looks delish!!! Such pretty cards you shared today, I am sure your mama feels just as lucky to have you as a daughter sweet Melis!

Carol R

I am in love with your projects today! I especially love the flowers and thank you for explaining how you made those adorable beaded buttons! One day I'll join in on your photo challenges. I do love them all!


Yes, being a boy and loving pink is not the easiest, being a boy and loving pink annnd glitter is even tougher... but I gotta be me... right? right? Well, at least my mum loves me. Oh, and that box... whoa!

Lynne W

Love the twill tape!!! Love the card & boxes you made!! Just gorgeous!!! I am beginning to love pink & glitter...... I have def been inspired by your blog & creations!!

f lynn rush

thank you once again for sharing with us. happy birthday to "mom". i think she has a special daughter!

Rachel Greig

ohhhh, how gorgeous does that twill tape look!!!!! YUmmy!!!!!!!!

Victoria Resh

Love the cards...Love the Twill are amazing ~ Happy Bday Mum...

Kim Faucher

ooo I will be stalking that site for your twill tape... just divine!
That box would be beautiful as a gift... I just bought some sweet soaps for my upstairs bath... that remind me of that box... too pretty to use so I kept the box as decoration!!

Stacy Cohen

Such beautiful creations!! I just love the color combos!

Elizabeth S.

Your projects are absolutely gorgeous!!

Sarah Martina

Your inspiration brings out the best in me. Thank you so much for sharing. :) I'm completely drooling over your twill tape... heaven!

Ashley Cannon Newell

This is so pretty! I love the cabbage ribbon so much you've 'sold' me on it! :) Thanks for sharing!

I can't wait for your twill tape to go on sale!!! YAAAY! Your photo inspiration card is GREAT! Love that layout and use of glitter.


As Always the creations are stunning and inspiring!! The flowers are just wonderful!! Love that pink and creme!!

Jan Hennings

Beautiful card! I was in the mood for pink today, too!

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