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March 10, 2010



She's going to love the birthday calendar. It's gorgeous!

Gabi With An Eye

I'm positively swooning over your chic little Birthday Calendar. My goodness it looks like a great deal of love (and work) went into it. A true work of art. I'm certain the lucky recipient will simply melt when she receives such a gift. Thank you for the link to Frost it Pink. I look forward to purchasing some of your tea stained twill when it becomes available! {hugs}


i was inspired by your mini books, organizers etc. and picked up a whole whack of chipboard albums.. and now i cant put them down!! i thoroughly enjoy your posts.. makes my day.. :)

Wendy Kwok

Wow.. this gift is soooo gorgeous!


Love it!


Sigh...I'm coveting that birthday calendar book and all its loveliness!!! I can't help but be inspired by your creativity! Thanks so much for sharing your projects and stirring up that desire to create in me! :-D

Michelle Martin

Melissa, I LOVE to make homemade pizza pie! My hubby and I make it together, and I look so forward to it. I don't know what it is about it, but it makes me so happy. I totally love all of your projects, but the tags you made for Emma's are absolutely wonderful!! I'm so inspired to get crafty....too bad I have to wait until I'm done working for the day. Hope you have a lovely day!




I would love to purchase a birthday book like the one or similar to the one you made for some lucky soul. Let me know if you would sell one. Thanks. [email protected]

shelly p

I just wanted to tell you that I look at your blog almost everyday. I am a little lazy about leaving comments. I am lazy about the comments since I look at my favorite blogs after a full day of work, walking the dog and making dinner. It is my little time to myself. I LOVE ALL of your cards. Your style is so great, and something that I can not create. I really appreciate you sharing all your beautful cards and ideas! Even though I do need leave comments, in my little head I think how beautful they are!!!!

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