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March 26, 2010


Ashley Cannon Newell

These are so great! :) I really love the softness in your designs. I can't wait to get my hands on your stained twill tape soon!! Enjoy your weekend!


Oh Melissa...I sew sew love these. All of them! I am really impressed with the Crafty Secrets Stamps.

Deb Zaremba

Your cards are stunning. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work. I love your new ribbon. Will be ordering that.

Have a wonderful weekend with your family.


I just love love love your cards.And again you made such wonderful designs and the way you put everything together is just breathtaking. Enjoy the spring break with your little bean!
Thank you for sharing; have a wonderful weekend.


Wow Melis, soooo pretty! Love all the elements you've added to the last card....yummmmo that embossing looks great:-) Enjoy having your little bean home with you. We have just 4 days of school left here in QLD, Australia before the Easter break - wooohoooo! xL


it's fantastic
i love your cards

Karen W

These are all so pretty and elegant. I love all the bling on them.

Joanne Leddy

Gorgeous, simply wonderful. Thanks sew much for being sew inspirational. Blessings.


Lately I've been going to alot of creative blogs because I just can't get enough of color, texture, details and all the creative inspiration...and I love what I've seen but I always come "home" to yours because your colors captivate me. After all the inspiration using things that really aren't "me," I discover my true self right here among your lovely creations...thanks for all the pleasure!

Kim FAucher

The dyed twill is just divine... I'm off to shop a bit over there... they have some delicious things!!

I may try those beans... my kiddos love them already and homemade is so much better!

Have a great one!

Elizabeth S.

Melissa, I just love looking at your creations! They are so beautiful!
Have a wonderful time with your little one while she is on break!


I'm drooling over ALL of them!


Your cards are such delicious treats for the eyes! Hope your days are filled with fun while your little bean is home for break. Thanks for all the inspiration!

Kelly Toth

I love the little wings. Did you make them?


This very beautiful and thank you very much for sharing.


I went to papertrey ink web-site looking for the dies that you used for the flower "Beautiful Blossoms II" and I did not see them. Can you please let us know which ones they are. Thankyou. Your cards are absolutely beautifrul


If you don't already know it you have some spam on your page. The one posted March 27, that is either Chinese or Japanese. Anyway, I think it would be in your best interests if you removed it.

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