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April 15, 2010



Well how did you every get that peep to stay that long to take those pictures? Oh my gosh so sweet. Thanks for sharing.


She looks just like she belongs there with all the other beauty!


HeeHee She's so adorable I want to get her and snuggle her. She's so photogenic too. HaHa. She looks like she's posing in every photo. :) Love the cards too. You definitely made me smile with these photos. Happy Spring Melis!

Dawn McVey (dawnsing)

Oh my gosh, Melis.....what a cutie patootie!

Becky H

Oh my gosh! These pictures are so darling. I got my four grandkid's baby chic's for Easter this year. They loved them too. We had fun thinking of silly names for them like BBQ and extra crispy. The girls were not so amused...we wont be eating them though, hopefully they will get some yummy eggs though.

Rhonda Zamora

What a sweet, sweet post! It really made me smile.

Troy Louise

Oh, that is so sweet - made me giggle out loud. I'm sure your little one will have a wonderful time with "her." Thanks for the smile!


Just too cute...I agree to cute to be a he!! Luv the card too. Thanx for sharing each day. I look forward to stopping by and NEVER disappointed!!!. ~J~

Anne Ganguzza

oh my - that is just the cutest thing I have ever seen!!! cards are gorgeous as always!


oh my goodness.. such a beautiful wonder of delight. the chick and your card.. beautiful!!!!

Patty O'Malley

She is the sweetest thing and just perfect for the photos of the cards!

Lisa V.

How cute! There is nothing better than a baby chick. Love it. Have fun with her/him????

Zoe Pittman

Too precious! That put a huge smile on my face - thank you!!!!

Danielle Flanders

She's one cute chick!! lol I couldn't resist. Thanks for the smiles - she's so sweet, just like your work! :) I love the pink and purple combo on the last card!

Becky Elliott

How sweet! Yes, she is very pretty!! So are your cards! Checking your Etsy shop for some sweet stuff, too!

Joanne Leddy

Don't you just want to bottle that sweetness? How cute!


Awwww! So precious!


Your card is darling and the real, live chickie is precious! What is it about babies?! Thanks for the smile!

Lisa Johnson

Ohhhh... that just warmed my heart! Thanks for showing this sweet little chickie!

Alyssa B

too funny! What a surprise for us today!


I thought she is a part of the card first! =)

Stamp Enjou

so cute !

Crafty Dawn

So how have you got the little (chick?) are you breading do you have chickens? Hanna is adorable and a great addition to your photos and your work is stunning I even went off to buy some of the ruffly ribbon based on yr cards the P&P is coting as much as the ribbon but I couldn't resist. Shame on you for doing SUCH beautiful work (and shame on me for no self control) =)

love Dawn xx

Michelle Lancaster

Thank you for sharing this - she's (or he) so sweet - your card is very pretty too - Michelle


What a cute chick! That made me chuckle...Hannah is just the sweetest :) More Hannah please! lol

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