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April 09, 2010


Victoria Resh

Good Morning Melis...I'm already sighing with the snippets of Hello Baby that you've given us. Can't wait to see more. Leslie keeps outdoing herself with those lovely the mix of roses ~ my colors.

Danielle Flanders

oh my heavens, love what you did with the little carriage! you are so creative and the colors are just so welcoming, soft and cozy. gorgeous!

Stephanie S.

I so remember horny toads as a kid. Loved playing with them also. Even found some baby ones with a mother. Love your cards-so fun to see what comes up next.


Just wanted to let you know that my mojo was gone, then today I find your blog and now I am sooo inspired. I already know what I want to create. Thank you, Thank you.


I am speechless; this complete post is beautiful.. Just love it.

Michelle in Boise

Finally took the plunge on one of your inspiration challenges, Miss Melissa - - - - have a lovely day.


Such a beautiful photograph from Miss Leslie.. Endless possibilities - this is my first challenge with you too .... here is my take


Everything you touch turns to pretty! Thanks for more beautiful inspiration. Here's my card on the photo:

Sarah Martina

I don't think I did the inpsiration photo justice, but this is only my first shot at it. :) I'll give it another go sometime.

Warm hugs~

rae barthel

Hi Melissa :)
I love the colors in this inspiring photo!! Here is my card:
I hope that all is well with you! Thank you for sharing your talent, I may not comment often, but I do come here to drool on a regular basis ;)

Gayatri Murali

Here is my take.
Thanks once again!

Patty M

Hi sweet friend, I finally came in from the garden to play your beautiful challenge. Glad to hear how sweet life has been to you. Many blessings, Patty

Deb Zaremba

Beautiful photo. Here is my card. Thank you again Melissa.

Geri Freeman

I just love this photo, Melissa! Thanks so much for continuing to do these challenges for us! My card is ready (I think!). Have a great day! By the way...WONDERFUL Papertrey Post! Beau-tee-ful!!!


Loved this color combination!

Lisa V.

Hi Melissa. Couldn't resist making a card for this one. Thanks for the inspiration.

Jinny Newlin

Absolutely, loved this photograph... especially, that water colored, checkered paper in the lower left corner! Just had to recreate that :)! Here's my take...

Geri Freeman

I'm leaving an additional comment because in my initial one my link does not appear to me to be one you can just click on. I thought there was just something wacky going on that day so I thought I would try again. Don't know what I'm doing just doesn't look right. At this point, there is only one post more recent than than your photo challenge post on my blog. It won't take long to find (if you didn't already from my previous comment) Sorry to bug ya! Have a great day!!

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