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April 25, 2010



What a great way to top off my lazy sunny Sunday. Those little masterpieces are so wonderful. I feel like I should say they're too girly for a guy like me, but they're perfect.

dana kirby

I just found your blog...your work is Beautiful. Do you sell your things online? I would love a birthday book or something. It is all so gorgeous. Do you have kits?


What beautiful birthday books! Love the glitter kissed flowers you included! I really enjoy looking at your blog :) thanks for sharing


What treasures your own hands have created! You are a true original and I applaud you for your ideas and your artistry. Touche my dear!


*gasp* These are delightful!! I just love birthday calendars, and these two are so exquisite. Love every little detail!


What a Beautiful Birthday book! Your post was so touching. I also have a little girl who is now 22. Your post just brought back some sweet memories I have of her! She is still the joy of my life.

Thank You!


Beautiful as always !

Peggy M

absolutely stunning... beautiful job on this. Hugs, Peggy x

jen shears

These are so lovely- as always! I must tell you- I save your blog as the last I read because it always makes me warm inside & so happy for those 'Mama' moments too.... (my little person just turned 5!) Thank you for your sweet disposition & the love that comes through SO loud & clear! :)


This is such a lovely post and reminds me of my own daughter when she was very young. They grow up so is heartwarming to see that you truly appreciate your gift! Your artwork is beautiful and I will follow along to see more. Have a wonderful week.
Take care, Laura

Stamp Enjoy

Beautiful !!!!

Crafty Dawn

I love this post and the love you have for your darling daughter. I so wish I had know about the church when my children were small but alass I only found the church a few years ago, I was so stressed when they were little I was always wishing them grown and Although I had many moments as you describe with my three boys The love wan't as intensified as it would have been if I knew then what I know to be true now. Not of my boys attend the church and it makes me sad I pray one day they will return to his arms of love and on that day I know so many past and present will rejoyce. Thank you for your beauty.

And I love your projects the books are divine and precious

Love Dawn xx


Your birthday book is a piece of art as all your creations.
But your loving words about your girl is something very emotional and very touching! They made my heart skip a beat! My little one is just two and i have lots of precious moments ahead. Thank you for sharing your emotions with us and thank you for such a creative inspiration. I have learned a lot from you for the past year. Thank you!

Niki Willaert

Oh how I look forward to your posts! they never dissappoint! I love the works of little hands - I have a few sets of these at my house too! Gorgeous book - just stunning!

Alice W.

this is such a sweet and heartwarming post. thanks for sharing and the books you made are gorgeous! =)


What a lovely post and heartwarming story. Thank you for sharing!


These books are beautiful. And what a lovely story you shared about those little hands.

Marcie Rhys

Wow! What a beautiful little book! Positively breathtaking and I want to go out and get those Crafty Secrets' paper items NOW!
Maybe it's the beauty of the items blinding me, but I can't figure out the overall structure of the book (if one is meant to write birth dates in it).
Making a book like yours would be nirvana, but I'd love to know how it is constructed. This truly is one of the most beautiful works of art I've seen (and I've seen many). Thank you for sharing.

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