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May 06, 2010



Oh Melissa how sweet of you to make this tutorial. I make mine a little different. I love your crochet flower and tissue flower. I enjoy stopping by.

My son is 10 and my husband and I still give him kisses and tell him we love him when he gets on the bus or we take him to school. I am so glad he still lets us. They just grow up way too fast don't they. :)


Thanks so much for sharing your bow tutorial. I will be trying that out tonight. Just love your cards and your blog. I check in daily.
My whole family are kissers! We kiss everyone hello and goodbye. My son is turning 34 next week and I have NEVER not kissed him hello, goodbye or goodnight and told him I loved him. It is just how it should be!


love the bow! thank you for sharing this with us. I still hug and kiss my sons, tell them i love them and they are 26 and i also get to do that with my two grandsons who are 3 and 1 1/2 !! charlette is right - that's the way it should be!


Thank you for sharing the secret to your fluffy bows! I have some scrunched seam binding, so I'm going to go make one right now!

Oh, and we are HUGE kissers in our family. My son is 5 and he still gives me a kiss when I drop him at preschool. He often asks if we can have some "cuddle time" when he first gets home from school.

Andi Sexton

Happy Moxie Fab day!!!!!!!

ps.. My kids are 12 & 11. I tuck them in most nights and they love it... We say a prayer and then I kiss and hug them and we all say I love you!!!!

It's the best..

Cindy Andrews

I love your bows. Thanks for sharing with us. I wish I had saved all of my old patterns instead of throwing them out!


THANK YOU SO MUCH Melis!!! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that you really did make the bow tutorial like I asked you to yesterday!!! I feel *special* (silly me huh?) that you granted my request so quickly!! LOVE YA and I am going to do 3000 bows at once!

Victoria Resh

Thank you Melis...your bows are wonderful ^~^~^~ Have a sweet and loving MOTHERS DAY :D I know you will :D

jan metcalf

You are a sweetie to share your bow making tips! Kisses to you! Your creations are my eye candy!!

Donna E.

thanks for sharing this wonderful step by step! ur cards are amazing as always!


I know you sweet mama will love that beautiful card! Your wonderful creations are always so inspiring. :) In our home we never went to bed one night ever without out parents kissing us goodnight and telling us they loved us and we returning that love! Nothing sick or perverted it was just an assurance that we were loved and there was security in that love they gave us. I raised my daughters the same way. That is whats wrong with the world today. Children dont know they are loved and desparately seeking it in all the wrong ways.


oh Mel I just love your bows, I just got a bunch of seam binding and can't wait to give it a try.

re: kisses. I kiss my babie so much that they actually put thier little chubby hands up as if to say "enough"! ha ha I have no intention of slowing down my kisses and hugs. I love showing my affection to them and I can see the happiness in their eyes as daddy blows bubble kisses on their bellies and in their necks. I heard a young CHild Development Sutudies major student say "love em right and they'll be alright" so much truth to that...


Thank you so much!!! I love your bows and am so happy you shared these steps.

Elizabeth S.

Thank yous so much for showing how you make these bows. I have always loved your bows and since I will be out today I am going to see if I can find some of this binding.
Saying I love you and the kisses mean so much and what a wonderful thing to make sure it is the last words you hear from someone.


Thanks so much for the bow tutorial, Melissa. I love your cards today, especially the one you made for your mum..she will love it!!


Thank you sooooooo much for the bow tutorial. And of course I love the cards and your story; as always!
Have a fabulous weekend!


What a great tutorial on the bow and thanks so much for sharing! Your posts are always a treat!

kirsty vittetoe

So sweet when you talked about Sierra, just as sweet when you talked about your mom, you are a lucky girl.

Alice W.

you have such a sweet family! thanks for sharing your sweet rituals with your girl! also thanks for the tutorial. your cards are always decorated with the prettiest bows!! =)


Thanks for the link and the tutorial on the bows!! Beautiful!

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