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May 19, 2010



Gorgeous as always, thank you for your inspiration.

Karen W

These are just gorgoeus, I love the birdies, I think they are so sweet.


All so beautiful wistful and romantic too.....

Victoria Resh

You are so right Melis...ART touches the soul, not only the soul of the artist, but the one who sees and absorbs that art. Can't wait to read your article. The cards are gorgeous as usual AND I received my monthly copy of CARDS magazine yesterday and YOU my sweet friend have 2 of your creations published again :D I have fun looking at the pictures without reading anything the first time thru...and I can always pick out your cards!!! You have that style that is all yours :D Congratulations!!!
Have a lovely day!

Valerie C

You are so special, Melissa! You always lift my heart when I read your posts and for me your art is the BEST! I love your creations and look forward to them everyday.


Stunning cards! I adore the little details that you add to your cards. I will be looking forward to reading your article. Thank you for the inspiration you give.

Joy For the Journey

I am looking forward to your article! Your art is always so fresh and unique. Thanks for the inspiration!
Sarah :)


Such beautiful cards you get bored of me saying that all the time? lol...I am so looking forward to your article:) Thanks for sharing.


Your cards are beautiful! I stop here everyday....although I don't always comment! You are very uplifting and inspiring! I started this hobby 15 years ago after the birth of my daughter. It became my salvation....a way to deal with my feeling of having a daughter with severe disabilities. It truly did save me. I am grateful for this amazing hobby and wonderful inspiring people like you that I've "met" along the way! : )

laura huffman

love your projects, stories, and sharing. wouldn't miss coming to visit. love your uplifting outlook on life. something i enjoy because i feel similar feelings. my art helps me to get away when i need a boost. and i love creating. couldn't live without it. adore your work. thanks so much for sharing with us and can't wait to read your article.

Kathy Martin

Sooooo much to LOVE! Such beauty and details! You inspire me! :)


love all you create gf... and I love CrescendoH.. I recently shared my story over at the READERS SHARE section of the site.. take a read! hugs.. and congrats! Art really does save.

Melisa Hunter

Such gorgeous cards! As always, such an inspiration... it is truely a pleasure to visit your blog!

Kathy W

Beautiful, beautiful cards. I know your art/blog has lifted me up so many times, especially your nuturing words/reflections that has given me renewed purpose in all things about making a house a home. My craft room is my safe haven to experiment and play; it always is so forgiving and gives me such confidence of my "artistic" skills.

Heather Jensen

I love that green cameo on your first card.
Thank you for being our guest DT for CCCB this week. YOur cad is amazing and that stamp set is a must have for me.
The little girly birds sitting on the wire is adorable. Perfect image for that sentiment. :)

Tracy J

Beautiful cards and post. You are so inspiring, and I can't wait to read your story. I don't know if I can call what I do ART, but the time I spend on it is when I'm in my HAPPY place.


Melissa thank you for so much joy, happiness, inspiration, smiles on my face, warm thoughts and the fact that it feels like a warm and beautiful soft blanket that surrounds me. I think that's a very special art. The fact that you share the most amazing creations and lovely stories.
Art didn't save me; it feels like a chance for me to create something and that's often for the people that mean o so much to me. ( Is that art?)I make cards, sew, embroider ( hope i wrote the word the way it should :)), bake and being busy in my garden. Don't know if that's art but it makes me o so happy.
Have a wonderful day!


We should be thanking you not you thanking us. You are an inspiration to us.


yes, art does save, uplift and inspire...i enjoy your blog posts..each creation of yours inspires and makes my heart happy..your blog is a very calming place and a joy to visit whenever you post..(and even when you dont i look back at previous posts!)
have a wonderful day!


Your are such a beautiful person and your words are so inspiring. As always your work is simply stunning!

Patty O'Malley

I know what you mean by saying art can save you. I know it does work! And I just adore your card! I just feel so peaceful when I look at them. Thanks so much for sharing.

kirsty vittetoe

You truly are a loving person at heart, it shows all over through your artwork, Thank you, we should be the one saying Thank You to you for sharing your lovely creations here!

Carol R

Love the birds all dressed up with bonnets! Great cards with all the added flowers and ribbon. Just beautiful!


I love that green cameo on your first card.
May I know where can I get it?
Your handmade cards/projects are always gorgeous..geous..geous, no words could describe it! Stunning...

Verona H

I will be having breakfast in Illinois next week with 4 of my highschool friends and I wish I could show them your card with the 4 birdies. It is darling!--looks just like them. :) We have a ten day trip planned in France in September, so I've been wanting to make a card with an Eiffle tower. Thanks for the inspiration. I'd already ordered a stamp.

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