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May 01, 2010



your project is so soft and sweet! I love it. my favorite memory of my mother is how much fun we had together, esp on the weekend when we would hit the tag sales. we were great friends.

Michel E

Great idea.


Oh my GOODNESS, what a FABULOUS gift for your mother!! WOW!! Love every single precious detail!

Dana Kirby

Happy day. We are celebrating my mom's 60th birthday in Carmel this weekend.

Cindy Andrews

I love your work and look forward to your new blog posts! My favorite memory of my Grandmother is walking out to the garden with her and picking gooseberries. She would make a gooseberry pie served with vanilla ice cream. It was so good!

Victoria Resh

Love this sweet...Grandma will treasure it! I remember my sweet GRAMM every time I use buttons on my cards...she left me string 'necklaces' with hers :D such good memories. Happy NSD!


As a Grandma myself I can so appreciate this gift. There isn't anything that is better than the love of you grandchildren. Thank you for sharing this beautiful creation.

Julie Williams

Thanks for sharing Melissa!!! Just beautiful. Favorite memory of my grandmother was wakingup in the morning and watching her make homemade biscuits. She let me sit up on the stool by her and watch as she worked her magic with the biscuit dough. And, if there was a little bit left I got to eat it. Livethe raw dough!!


WOW..your work is amazing..I wish I could come close to this...sigh.

Just gorgeous.

Heidi Gore

I simply love each of your creative projects. Such a great style. This is the first mother's day without my mom as she passed away in December. My favorite memory of my mom is of her stroking my head as I drifted off to sleep with my head in her lap. I loved to do that to my sons too when they were younger. What sweet memories. Thanks for offering the giveaway and sharing your amazing creativity.

Jennifer Cheek

Beautiful work! I'm sure your Mom is going to love this sweet gift! As for a favorite memory...I think my favoite memory is when my family would go visit my Grandma and my Mom, Grandma and I would sit at the kitchen table drinking coffee and talking late into the night of times gone by - my grandma always told the same story every time we had this "girls" bonding - of how she was so poor when she was in college that she would line up 2 or 3 dates a night and take left overs home from the dates so she would have food to eat cause she couldn't afford groceries. What a rebel she was. lol

Anyways, thank you for the beautiful inspiration and for the chance to share great memories. Happy NSD and Happy Mother's Day!

Ann D.

Hi Melissa! How lovely. Your mom will love it. My mom passed away a year and half ago. She had been on dialysis for 17 years and her little body just wore out. But, my fondest and most admirable memory of her right now was her determination and will power to live. If it had not been for her strength and strong belief in God, she would not have lived as long as she did. My two little ones miss her and talk about her all the time. I miss her so, especially this time of year. But I do have lots of fond memories to comfort my heart. Thanks for the opportunity to share. And thanks for all of your inspiration.


This is just so adorable... Your Mom is going to love it!!
My favourite memory of my Mom is her last Christmas... she wore a new sweater in red... my son who adored her, had bought her a big teddy which also had a red sweater on and after Christmas dinner Mom fell asleep with her head against the teddy ... she looked so sweet and I it was my best memory because I lost her a week later... But I will always remember that and her contentment....

Karen W

This is just amazing but then all of your stuff is over the top gorgeous!!! I want to fly where ever you are and take classes. I love the crafty secrets and can't wait to see the new bling.

Tricia Dee

My grandmother was an incredible seamstress and I remember having to stand very still and she would fit my dresses that she was making for me. I wouldn't move because I didn't want to get poked with a pin!
Thanks for all your lovely work!

mary from maine

I love Crafty Secrets products. They are gorgeous and so aren't your cards.
My grandmother always sent me a birthday card with a one dollar bill in it and one time she gave me a hankerchief which she had crocheted a beautiful edge around. I loved that she had done that handmade thing just for me.
Thanks for the chance to win.

Kim   Collister

Beautiful projects and congrats on your feature on HGTV website!! My favorite grandmother memory is mother inlaw. She is the best grandmother to my children. She always entertained my children and her friends doing crazy fun things. We were fortunate enough to live very close to her. One day my daughter who was 7 then brought a group of her new friends to her grandmothers door and rang the bell. When she opened the door, my daughter proudly announced: "This is my crazy grandma, do something crazy grandma"! We laugh about this all the time!
Thanks for a chance to share and win.


My favorite memories of my grandma: being enveloped in hugs & kisses; the smell of apple pies & homemade bread baking; Hershey bars; the fresh smell of her ever-present apron...
P.S. Your work is beautiful! :)

Lynne Phelps

One of my earliest memories of my mother is her brushing my hair whenever I was upset or "wound up." I would lay on the couch with my head hanging over the low arm and she would rhythmically brush my hair and hum. It would give me that tingly feeling at the back of my neck! Then she would lay down and let me brush her hair. I was two and three years old when we did this, and she came out looking like she'd had a bad electrical shock, but she said I would be very gentle and the soft brushing would ease a headache. Good times, good memories, God is good. I lost her in 2004, too young, to pancreatic cancer, and every memory is a treasure!


Beautiful project. My mother always sends a "just thinking of you" card to me when I need it the most. thanks for a chance to win.


I love visiting your blog, I'm probably here a couple time a day, no not in a weird stocker kind of way:-) but I like looking at all the small details of your work. Anyway, I have so many sweet memories of my grandma and my mom. It's hard to pick one. But, when I was very little my grandma would hold me in her lap and rock and sing to me, one song in particular, "I love you, a bushel and a peck, a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck..." so sweet in her wavery little voice. Thanks for bringing that memory to mind.

Linda C.

WOW! How priceless!! Your Mom is going to love this special gift! Great job!


I love your project !!! My favourite memory of my Gandma is her ginger/molasses buns!!! She made them for us all the time, and When she passed away I asked my Mom for her recipe box, I have tried and tried but cannot copy these buns, they just do not taste the same... I guess she must have had a secret ingredient??? or it's just nothing taste better than your Grama's baking!!!

Holly Saveur

Love your creations as allways.
I have so many good and sweet memories of my mother and grandmother(my mothers side)
My mother and I allways use to cuddle before I went to school how late it allready was first a big cuddle in bed.
My grandmother told me so many stories of her life.

[email protected]


Hello Melissa,
I really mean this from the heart. Your Mother must be just a amazing, wonderful woman. She raised a very, kind hearted gal that is so inspiring to many of us. I get your little updates. They always put a smile on my face and a spring in my inspirational steps. Thank you. Thank you for all that you do to bring us up to date and urge us to create for ourselves and the ones we love.

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