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May 01, 2010



Oh, Melissa, another beautiful, sweet projects. My mother died when I was thirteen (more than 40 years ago, but I will always remember her at the sewing machine, making beautiful dresses for my sister and me.


beautiful..and such a thoughtful it!
My favourite memory of my mom is of my high school graduation day..where she presented me with a card that stated how proud she was to call me her daughter but blessed beyond belief to call me her best friend..every time i think back to that day I feel that love...such a great memory:)

Elizabeth S.

Melissa, this is just a gorgeous gift for your little one to give to Grandma!! She sounds like one special lady and you are a reflection of that. I just admire all that you do. Thanks for sharing everything.

Debbie G

Hi Melissa
Your work inspires me.

My favorite memories of my dear grandmother is when I used to go and stay with her... everynight she would make me coco and toast and I got to sit by the old wood stove with my feet on the door and enjoy the bedtime treat and warmth. She would be up heating my feather bed for me to snuggle down in! She was a very special grandmother!!


When I was about 10. My fondest memory was my Mother at the sewing machine making my favorite dress. It was red and white velvet with butterflies on the bottom in many colors. I loved butterflies and still do. This dress was to be my Christmas dress that year. She took so much time making it special for me. I had many hand made clothes and loved them all but this one was my favorite. She kept it and cut it up when I had my first child. I brought my little bundle of all boy home in a red sleeping gown from the hospital. Booties, cap which with his huge head was too small and the gown. Loving remade just for my sweet boy.
Although he is grown now and ready to be married soon I have that little gown just for him saved. I hope he can bring home his own little joyous bundle in my favorite dress some day.


My memory is of my Grandmother who taught me the love of all things crafty...she would give me bits of embroidery thread and taught me to embroider,bits of scraps to learn to sew with, kneedles and wool and taught me to crochet and knit all when I was a small child. This is not the memory I wish to share with you fondest memory of her is when my favorite doll Lisa's little body would start to wear thin and get holes from me loving her and carrying her about everywhere, she had given me her as a gift when I was first born....when this would happen she would ask me if she could keep Lisa for a couple days and she would put her in the dolly Hospital and fix her up. she would take my doll apart and resew the fabric body and re stuff her with new fill and give her back with a pretty new body and a new outfit to boot! I didn't feel sad when I had to give her up for a couple days as a result...I knew Grandma would take good care of her. I would stay with her the next weekend, pick up my Baby Lisa and we would have pancakes and Chocolate milk for breakfast!
Aren't Grandmas great??!!
Thank you for letting me share and recall my memory of my wonderful Grandmother!


My mother in the kitchen, smiling proud over her fresh baked buns.

I'm on your blog this weekend for inspiration for my mother's day card. Thank you!!


My very favorite memory of my grandma was sitting with her on her back porch swing and watching some baby birds get flying lessons from their parents. The parents were so patient! Thanks for bringing this memory back around again - it must have been about 56 or more years ago. :)

Erika M

I'm a hug fan of your work - love your creations today. I remember all the love that I received from my grandmothers when I was growing up!

Jennifer Hansen

My Granny (who my mom named me after) lived two blocks away, so we visited her often. She would make fudge, had a Grizzly Adams coloring book and crayons for us to use and I remember she was the one that taught me long division. I thought she was the cat's meow!


Wow, this is just so beautiful!!!

Bobbie S.

I absolutely love your gift and your blog. You make the most beautiful things!

Shellie Hartsock

My favorite memories of my grandma are her teaching me how to make cookies. She never let me crack the eggs though. Thanks for the chance to win!


Love this idea!! My favorite memory of my grandmother is when, on a Sunday afternoon we would walk to her house for tea {in a special cup}and homemade cookies. When I walked through the door she would be at the kitchen table reading her bible. Memories are wonderfull, like photos imprinted in our minds. Thanks!

Gini Cagle

How gorgeous! My favorite memory of my grandmother was learning to sew with her. She was an expert seamstress, but didn't mind trying to show me how to do it.

jen shears

so very pretty! i'm so happy to say that my fave memory is actually ongoing- watching the relationship between my mom & my sweet pea develop is the best!! :)

Cathy La Hay

I have many found memories of my Granny. I feel very blessed to have had her in my life for 40 years. She passed away 5 years ago at 99. She stilled lived in her home and had a memory like none other. I miss her on a daily bases and cry as I write this.
as a young girl I use to spend weeks every summer at her home making cookies, baking bread, setting tables, doing dishes, making my bed. Learning all the things that young children should learn. It felt so different learning it from her then it did from my Mom. I actually enjoyed doing it all.
She will truly live on forever in my heart and mind until the day I am no longer on this earth.

C Burke

My mother was kind, loving and patient with us as we grew up. She was a wonderful example of a mother and a person. On special occasions, like Valentine's Day, she would leave a little treat by our plates at breakfast or dinner time.

Erin Glee

Grandma is going to fall in love with her little "Bean, (and you)ALL OVER AGAIN when she see's this Mothers' Day gift! So Sweet!
Thank you for a chance to win~
eringlee at

Lynn Spencer

My Dad passed away when I was 20 months old. So it was just me and my Mom until she remarried when I was 5. She is an amazing woman. She has always put me first in her life. She worked 3 jobs when I was growing up so I could have all I wanted and needed. She has battled breast cancer and is a 10 year survivor. She is from the mountains of North Carolina and she has the most giving heart of anyone that I have ever met. She is my #1 fan and supports all that I do and loves me unconditionally even when I am completely unloveable. I can never repay her for what she has done for me. I try to be the Mother that she is to me to my two grown children but I think I fail each day in that way.

Your work is amazing. Thank you so much for the inspriation. I love vintage and I have just recently discovered Crafty Secrets.
The work that the design team does has me with my mouth wide open and jaw on the floor as I look at your awesome art.

Sharon Rivera

Wish my daughter was into the art of scrapbooking. I would like to receive something like this.

Sarah Martina

It's always such a pleasure stopping by... :) Lovely!


What lovely projects!


i love your work so much
my favorite memories of my mother is when i was a little girl, i spent all my time with her to make cookies, to draw.. at this time she didn't drink and she was a very good mother..

Verona H

My mother made all my clothes till I was married, and then I took over the sewing job to fit a 5'10" gal. Not until 1986 did I begin to find things in stores that were long enough for me, and I quit sewing clothes and started becoming a crafter and quilter. It brings me so much joy, and I got the desire from my mother. And I am so thankful you didn't stop your blog last year, for it is another joyful spot in your reader's lives!

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