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May 01, 2010


Margie Gisinger

how sweet...what fun to read all the comments. My fav. memory of my Mom is her laugh...she had the best laugh...her tummy would just jiggle.


I have many wonderful memories of my Grandma, but one that stays with me is how she took me shopping the day before my wedding for any "necessities." She was in a bit of pain that day, but her smile never waned and she brought along her humor to keep her going.


Hi Melissa,
My grandmother passed away a long, long, time ago. I still remember visiting her at my aunt's home. She would always be sitting in a chair in the living room (she was very old and frail and I was very young)and we would sit for hours and chat. Thanks for bringing back old memories!


What a sweet gift for grandma! My grandma took care of me while my parents worked and I remember when she used to comb my hair for school (kindergarten) and I would ask her (in Spanish) to make me 'Indian' braids (as in Native American). My sweet beautiful grandma made the sweetest braids on my long hair - and I was so proud to wear them. I adore her. Thanks for letting me share (and bringing a tear to my eye!).


Hi Melissa,
Your projects are adorable! After a Sunday meal together with all of the cousins, my mom, grandma and I would swing together on a large swing on my grandma's front porch. I remember always wanting to swing so high that the swing made a squeeking noise. Those were the days when relaxing together was commonplace!


Don't know if I'm too late for the give-a-way but my favorite memory of my mom is every morning on my birthday my mom sang a song with her guitar from the bottom of our steps. It's a very old traditional song in Spanish (her native language) and ever since I moved out she calls me and sings the song to me over the phone. It brings tears to my eyes every time.

Jean Shen

Wow! I love your projects. One of my favorite things about my grandma is her independence. She's 99 years old and she's still living in her own little apt.

Cyn Flores

I loved to spend the night at my grandmother's house along with my cousin. My grandmother would always take us out to eat and to Knott's Berry Farm.
I love what you create and share with us. You do such beautiful work.


Very beautiful!!
My favorite memory of my mom and I was going to Rich's in downtown Atlanta and having little cakes at the restaurant. It was such a special time to have a grown up tea party with my mom all to myself and feeling grown up too!!
Thanks for helping me recall this special memory!!


Nearly 20 years ago, my grandmother took me to my first antique store. I have never been the same since. When I got older and developed my own style and decorated my own home, we would take day trips to go antiquing. Since I lived 1500 miles away from her at this point, it was treasured time that we spent together.


Thanks for sharing this opportunity with us. One of my favorite memories of my mom (can it be a memory if we're still doing it?) is standing side by side with her in the kitchen, watching her cook, taste-testing the food and bringing it out to the table. She hasn't met an ingredient she can't make work, and I love watching her go. (

Christine Arthars

Unfortunately I don't have any memories of my grandmothers as I never met them and my own Mother died when I was 26 so my children don't either BUT i have 9 grandchildren and Im doing my very best to make lots of memories with them they are my pride and joy

Mrs Frizz

What a beautiful wee treasure for your Mom to cherish. Simply gorgeous.

I have very special memories of my Nana, she meant the world to me.

We lived about 8 hours drive away from my Nana when I was a little girl and we knew when we reached the outskirts of the city that she lived in that it wasn't going to be too much longer and we would be having Nana cuddles ... the best type of cuddles.

Mary Duffek

Beautiful! Love your amazing projects. Thanks for the continued inspiration! Blessings


What a beautiful project! My favorite memory of my grandmother is spending summer mornings with her learning how to sew. She was an excellent seamstress and I am grateful she shared her love of sewing with me. Thanks for sharing the inspiration!


Love your projects, Melissa. They are just gorgeous! My favorite memory of my sweet Grandmother (she had SIXTEEN children, believe it or not...) was when I was a little girl and she babysat for my brother and me. In later years she raised tropical fish and always had tons of "guppies". When we'd go to visit her she'd always let us have some to take home. It was fun with the net, trying to catch the one we wanted in the tank:)


Now that the contest is over I can say what a gorgeous gift this is. Not only does the love pour out of this baby, but the creativity as well.


i don't have any memories with my grandmothers.. both died when I was little :(

Rene S.

Oh, what wonderful projects you've made! My first (and favorite) memory in life has my grandma in it. She was watching me through her kitchen window while I was "sharing" an ice cream cone with a kitty.


i must say your cards actually inspired me to start making cards, i love your shabby style they are always beautiful. the best memory of my mom is that she was always there for me always my support my rock and still is she gave up a lot to help me when i needed her the most and has remained a constant support system even in the midst of losing my dad.

Jane T

My favorite memory of my grandmother is always getting to go on trips with her.

I will always remember my Grandmother for her homemade noodles that she would make for us whenever we visited her on Sundays!


OMG!! Everything is so sweet and pretty!

Ramona West

I just came from Moxie Fab! I was thrilled to learn more about you. I love your art work. My moma has always been here for me no matter what. I can talk to her about anything in the world. She may not like what I do or how I think sometimes, but she loves me so she wants to know me. The real me, not someone who masks who I am around her. I love her.

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