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May 01, 2010


Michelle Woerner

Hi Melis, your project is just STUNNING! I have so many wonderful memories of my grandma, who passed many years ago. It still pains me to think of the memories, but she was a wonderfully creative seamstress and I loved dressing my little Muffy dolls in the handmade clothes she made.

Maureen Morton

So sweet - grandmas are sure special. Mine got me started with crafts - coloring up paper placemats for all holidays!

Stephanie S.

Oh the memories-My one grandmother I was told I was like by my love of pruses and the other grand she gave me her love of art.
My mother gave me her laugh and we sound just alike in voice. A good way to get in trouble with my dad. He could not figure it was me on the phone. LOL
Love your designs...

Michelle A.

Love your project!!! Absolutely gorgeous. Every memory of my grandmother is special! I miss her dearly.... I just loved sitting down with her and a cup of tea chit chatting away.


One of my favorite memories of my grandmother is her allowing me to cut up her Sears catalouge for paper dolls. I'm now 60 - so that was a long time ago!


My favorite memory of my mom is when she taught me how to sew when I was 9. I had to learn to master sewing by hand before she'd let me use her Singer- it was brand new when she married my daddy in 1942. She still sews on it today.
Great blog- I LOVE your designs.
Becs Middleton
NW Arkansas

kim wilson

This is so awesome, what a great gift! I would love to be one of the reciepients lol! Thank you for the chance to win!


These are heart felt ideas and made with such love. I love all your projects and have been inspired. My mom is so giving and loving and just love her showing each day unconditional love.

Melissa Bove

Breathtakingly GORGEOUS!! Amazing projects!!


Carol B

Love, love, love this little pocket of sweetness! Just beautiful! Really love that yummy!

tricia martin

I love your work!!! Thank your for sharing.


I remember my grandmother's pies . . . yummy! I also remember her gramma black shoes.


I remember going camping with my Nana when I was little. It's funny, because I LOVED it and I remember it so fondly, but I hate camping and never do it now! LOL!


my favorite memory with my mother's mother, my Nannie, is making caramels and fudge from scratch for Christmas. It was a lot of work but so much fun!


My memory with my Grandmother: I would sit at the foot of the tall antique bed as she ironed her cotton sheets, pillowcases and underthings. I learned to be precise in my own ironing by watching her sprinkle and carefully make everything smooth. Priceless!

Kathy W

What a very special project; just beautiful. My favorite memory of my grandma is watching/learning from her in the kitchen. I loved the smells and watching her bustle around in her pretty apron. One of my jobs was to wash all the wonderful produce from the garden. Summer always reminds me of her.

Just Me & Z

My favorite memories of my mom and my grandmother are the times they spend with my daughter. Seeing their eyes light up and all of the kisses and hugs they give her just warm my heart. <3


LOVE this!!! My memories of my mother -- unconditonal love, sacrificial!!!

shari walker

What a fabulous favorite memory of my grandmother is baking her extra special homemade bread and then eating it warm from the oven...


I loved my Granny so much and miss her just as much. She had a job as a switchboard operator. Granny would take me to work with her some days. It was so amazing watching her answer calls then pulling out the long wires to plug in to the right extensions. I'll never forget how fun it was and how special she made me feel :)

Lillian Child

My favorite memory is of my grandmother, who loved to skip rope - even at age 65 she would have that jump rope singing as she twirled it over and over. And as she jumped she would laugh and laugh. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

Shelley G in Iowa

Your work is so beautiful. I am inspired every time I visit. Your attention to detail is truly amazing. I tend to be a Clean and Simple gal, but I can appreciate the love and creativity that comes through in your work.

Thanks for the chance to grab some Crafty goodness, too!

Mel H

I loved making little animal cracker type cookies out of the leftover pie dough my mom would hand make. I still have the little's a fun memory!


I come from a large family of 10 kids (5 boys & 5 girls) and my Mom would make a lot of our clothes. I remember once my Mom made me a dress out of the same material that she made a dress for herself. I loved the fact that we had matching dresses and when we wore them at the same time, it made me feel so special! I felt like I was a grown up like my Mom even though at the time I was only 5 or 6 years old. LOL! That was about 36 years ago and I remember that feeling like it was yesterday! :)

We celebrated my Mom's 83 Birthday yesterday, too! Her b-day is actually May 4, but we celebrated it a couple days early. She is still sewing and creating things to this day! :)

Thanks for doing this giveaway and bringing back fond memories!



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