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May 01, 2010


Erin Smetak

Fabulous projects Melissa!

Hmm, favorite memories... Well, I will always associate my dad's mom w/ Sunday spaghetti dinners. When she was younger, and all of her brothers and sisters were around, our whole family would gather at my grandmother's house for spaghetti. I always enjoyed those Sunday afternoons!

Denise L

One of my favorite memories of my mom is when he used to sing to my own daughters when they were little. Every time I hear "I love you .. a bushel and a peck" it makes me smile as I remember my mom.


Oh Melissa, you sure opened the gate to my tears. This album is absolutely priceless and will make your mother oh-so-proud. It is absolutely beautiful; perfection, as always. I lost my grandmother, "Baba" which is grandmother in Slovak, when she was 103. She lived with us for the last 50-some years of her life and I have so many warm memories of her. She was the feistiest woman I ever knew and was quite the character. There are oh-so-many memories, I could never pinpoint just one. My mother was much like her, without being feisty. I lost my mother three years ago - just 17 days after she learned she had cancer. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about her and miss her so much that it hurts. Likewise, there are millions of memories of her and wouldn't even try to choose one. Enjoy every second of your mother's remaining years with you. You are so fortunate to still have her in your life - and Little Bean's life, too. I know she will grow up and remember many tender moments she shared with her Baba. Thank you for all the inspiration you share with us via your blog. I can't get enough of your creations - they are always sunshine for my soul. Happy National Scrapbook Day - enjoy!

tamra kennedy

Your work always invokes a poignant feeling. I only have one memory of my mom. i was 10 and she came to visit me [i lived with my aunt and uncle] to shop for an easter outfit. i remember the day and saying goodbye.


The best memories? Shared walks and real conversations :)

Your projects are exquisite :)


Love your sweet! My fave memory w/ my Grandmother "Granny" was going through her closet & trying on all her old shoes, wraps, jewelry, etc. Such fun dress-up for a little girl!

- Sheri

Debbie Marcinkiewicz

Oh Melissa, you've outdone yourself with this absolutely lovely vintage album! I could just eat it -- so gorgeous!

I {heart} Crafty Secrets and could use a GC to shop for sure!!

My favorite memory of my sweet Grandmother is playing in the kitchen while she was cooking. It seemed as though she was always cooking - the smells that came from her kitchen were mouth watering! She would give me little pieces to play with from her kitchen drawers - a rolling pin, spatula, spoons ... and then water and flour! I would pretend to 'cook' with her and make the most 'yummy' dough pies! She would always encourage me and tell me that I was doing such a good job. She was the best and I miss her so much :) Love you, Grandmy!

Ashley Nguyen Newell

You're gonna make me cry. My Grandpa passed away when I was 7 years old and I never really talked about it my with Grandma. When I was 17, I was visiting with her and helping her clean out a closet. I ran into a box of my Grandpa's things and we spent the night talking about all the stuff and old memories. She filled an album with pictures from the box for me to keep.

Maureen Serafin

Hi Melissa,

Nancy Moorefield

Today has been my first experience at your blog, and I have throughly enjoyed visiting and viewing so much beautiful work. Your Mom will love the special gift you made for her! Great ideas. Thank you for the pleasure of sharing your work. Nancy Moorefield


As usual, your Mother's Day project is gorgeous! I visit your blog every day just to see your cards and paper projects. Can't wait for the tutorial on double bows-lol! I have so many memories of my mom and grandmother - I wish they were both still living as I miss them so. They both loved to roll my hair in those pink sponge rollers every night! Why? I'll never know! My hair is natural curly -lol!

Joanne Leddy

My favorite memory is of my mother baking in the kitchen. Everything would smell so wonderful ... walking into the house after school was pure bliss! I have my mother's cookbook now with notes in the margins in her handwriting. Truly a treasure. Thank you for sharing your talents with us!

Diane Hov

Wow...what a fantastic gift for Grandma!!! I have so many great memories of my Mom...she is 83 and still lives alone close to me...I am soooo lucky....I think my best Memories are what she taught be kind~honest~and respectful...I will always thank her for what she made us today...thanks Mom...I love you!!


Gorgeous, gorgeous! My mom passed away 4 years ago, and I miss her terribly. One of my favorite memories is of watching her create doll clothes for me and my sister at her vintage sewing machine. She made her own patterns and her work was gorgeous.

Patty M

What a beautiful gift for grandma...I know she will treasure it always. My mom is my most loyal admirer and is a constant source of encouragment. She is the glue that holds are family together...

Amie Snow

My Grandma has always been a sharp dresser. In high school I used to borrow her clothes! Now she is 89, and I certainly could not fit into her clothes anymore. I adore her, she is one of my best friends. Love the post today and I hope I win!


What a wonderful mother's day gift you have made! Your mother will be delighted with it! This is the best kind of gift--one made with love. That is the memory I will share of my own mother. We didn't have material wealth, but she made me the most wonderful dolls, clothes, and playthings. She was very artistic and always created things without patterns. She put love into each item she made. I was truly blessed to have a mother like her! The love I was shown and the faith I was taught was far more valuable to me than material wealth. Bless you for sharing.


Melissa , thanks for the detail on all the techiques you used on your project. Such a soft lovely gift.


Your work is amazing! I just admire all that you do.
My favorite memory of my granny is how we spend so much time in her little garden growing beautiful flowers. She loved plants very much.
Thanks for the chance to win!

Debbie S.

I fondly remember my Grandmother's rule that we could eat anything we wanted from the long as we didn't "sneak it".

jan metcalf

SO SO SWEET! Your mom will love her gift! Happy Mother's Day to you as well!! You are one of a kind!! :)


I always love browsing your blog! Happy NSD! My Mom used to make up these really silly songs and sing them to my sister and I. Now I find myself doing it to my own kids. Miss you Mom!


When I was young I lived with my Gramma for a while (my parents had some things to work out), there wasn't much money and my Gramma did not drive, so we would walk together down to Thrifty's and I would get a two scooper. Thrifty's had a 'square-like' scoop and I thought that was so neat. We would walk back hand in hand. She gave me what she could , herself, and it was all I needed. You never fail to inspire me with your words and projects , thank you for allowing me share.


These cards are lovely. I enjoy hearing about you and your little girl and your mom. One of my favorite memories of my grandmother (Gran) is that she would make homemade fudge, cooking it on the stove, and show my sister and I how to make it. She usually had a little something sweet for us when we'd go over to visit at her house.

Jackie W.

Such eye candy as usual here! Love all of your projects!

I'm going to go with my grandma here - my favorite memory of her would just be how she'd let my sister and I go to the store to buy candy, and we'd always bring her back something, even though she was a diabetic and we just didn't understand that she couldn't and shouldn't eat what we brought her. But she never made us feel like we shouldn't have done it. She was awesome!

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