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May 07, 2010


Becky Elliott

Thanks for the sweet give-away, and happy Mother's Day to you, too!! Thanks for all of the precious inspiration you spread to us through your blog!!


Would love a chance to win this sweet kit. Would also love the recipe for your jam....oh, don't forget to post those finished jars. Thanx for sharing. ~J~

Elaine Allen

Melis -

Your art, as always, is just stunning. And how very generous of AesaLina to giveaway her awesome products!
Wishing you and your Mom a wonderful Mother's Day that will offer up lots of love and beautiful memories for years to come.

Elaine Allen


Thank you for the lovely and beautiful give away. I know it's a small chance to win but to participate is always a fun thing to do. Beautiful cards; wish I had a little bit of your talent. But looking at all your creations is a huge inspiration.
Have a great Mother's Day. Can't wait to see the pictures of your
jars with jam. I know; I'll be patient and wait...

Happy Mother's Day. Your creations are devine; thank you for sharing them with us all. :)

Suzie Halbert

Thank you for the Mothers Day wish! Love your blog. I get somany ideas from you. Love everything you do. Thanks Again Suzie


Happy Mother's Day to you too Melissa! You're an inspiration to all us mamas in the world! Thanks for the chance:)

Patty O'Malley

What a fabulous giveaway! Absolutely love those goodies! I also adore your projects. Homemade jam sounds wonderful!


Have a wonderful Mother's Day! Thanks for the chance to win those beautiful accessories.

Curt Jensen

My wife would be thrilled if I won this kit for her!

Joanne Leddy

Happy Mother's Day Melissa! Thank you for the opportunity to win such wonderful embellishments. The winning comment will be very lucky to get them! You inspire the artist in all of us.

Troy Louise

You are just the sweetest! What a delightful give away. Have a very special Mom's day as you are a very special Mom. I agree w/your wonderful thoughts on Motherhood - nothing beats it!


Oh my goodness AesaLina's handmade goodies are just lovely! It's hard to imagine her parting with these beauties. I wish you a warm and sweet Mother's day that fills your heart with joy.

Dana Gustafson

What a wodnerful handmade giveaway! Happy mother's day Melissa!


I love these creations!! You're such a talent creating these brilliant and gorgeous cards!! =)
And what a fab giveaway, thanks for the chance!! =)
Hugs, SannaS

Janet B

What beautiful creations! Thanks for the chance to win.

Victoria Resh

Again, I love your cards :D
As for the giveaway...I'm already thinking of cards that I can create with these treasures.
Happy Mother's Day


Such a sweet sweet give-away! She has an adorable etsy shop! THanks for hosting it. cherry

Louise Dubord

So beautiful! Love her etsy shop. Will go back.

Michelle A.

Both cards are gorgeous....hope you have a fabulous mothers day!

Eileen Velez

Happy Mother's Day to you too!!! Thanks for the chance to win! Your creations are gorgeous and the giveaway is terrific!

Pamela S. Wade

I always love looking at your beautiful cards! I also love the way your make everything seem so lovely! You remind me of my sister that way. ~~Pam

amber r.

love those beautiful periwinkle petals...such a beautiful card! and i love the masculine card you still shows your style, and no doubt great grandpa will love it! oh, and thanks for the sweet give-away! :)

Zoe Pittman

What a beautiful Kit and lovely ETSY shop! Thank you so much as always for sharing your stunning cards with us lucky bloggers!

Alyssa B

Happy mothers day, you are the happiest mother I know, so you dont really need a day of dedicated happiness, but i'll sure you will enjoy your daughter all the more, just for the excuse!

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