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June 29, 2010


Katie {choc0holic}

Happy, Happy Birthday Melissa Dear (to the tune of the Primary song, of course!) What a gorgeous smattering of photos tonight. You're creations are absolutely lovely. I'm afraid I'd have a hard time choosing which side of the Creative Scraps to use! As far as something that gives me comfort...I love curling up with a good book on a cold, rainy day, tucked under a homemade quilt. I grew up in the northwest and now that I'm in the desert, I truly miss the constant sound of rain.

kirsty vittetoe

Wow, you are keeping my eyes busy here! First of all, Happy Birthday to you! I really love that first card with that red rose at the corner, so lovely, it must be handmade by you? Thanks for the link to that cute pink polka dots watch too! And thanks for sharing your bedroom, very pretty, I like that white with red one too!
I want need comfort, my husband's arm is where I go, to me, that is the safest place on earth.
As always, thanks for being a great inspiration!

jen shears

Happy Birthday, sweet Melissa! Such beauty you've created, as always! Always bringing us such lovely inspiration!!!
So many things bring me comfort! I love spending time creating! It really does soothe me! Being outside- weeding of all things- I find there is a certain zen quality to it! Being with my family, of course...nothing sweeter than my sweet pea telling me she loves me so tenderly!
What a lovely watch your sis-in-law has made!! I'll have to stop by Etsy to peek at her other goodies!!!
Enjoy this special time & all your happy memories! :)

Alyssa Byron

You bring me comfort.
you always have.
and I love peeking through the little window that is your blog, into your wonderful life.
xx Alyssa

Rachael Mitchell

Happy Birthday Melissa. You are a true inspiration. What comforts me is the one teddy of a pair that was given to me when we lost our child. Our son is buried with the other. Something so small gives me great comfort at a difficult time.

Donna VanWert

I have a July birthday too! My grandfather's birthday was the day after mine.

I love the comfort of going to my childhood home for a visit with mom and dad. And if I can't go home, a nice cup of tea will work.

Leonie Joy - Australia

Happy Birthday Melissa I hope you get to eat lots of cake!! I find comfort by being with my husband, a hug from him always helps.
The watch is just beautiful, thank you for the chance to win.

Diane Hov

Beautiful the yummy ribbons and roses! Ahh comfort...many things give me comfort, depends on the day, on the I'll share a very recent moment....I used do about 15 craft shows a hubby bought me a wonderful utility trailer to haul to and from the shows with all my goodies and displays, he had it painted with my craft name on the side and a moose in the moon and pines....I haven't used it for about 5 years and asked him to move it up to the garage for me to clean out, he did, the next day I went to town and backed out of the garage and forgot it was there and backed into it with my new car...I was sick and last thing I wanted was to call and tell him, when I told him he laughed, and said, don't worry about it, at least no one was hurt and it can be fixed.....yes, he laughed, that was comfort...of course he did inquire how the trailer faired...and life goes on!!

Lisa Mosher

Happy Birthday I love to visit your blog. Comfort for me is alot of things but mostly I love a big comfy sweatshirt and hugs from my kids. thanks for a chance to win the watch is beautiful!

Linda L

Happy happy happy Birthday Melissa. I wish I could send you a card especially for your special day:) Hope you have a wonderful day with your loved ones. I am comforted when I'm in our newly renovated bedroom/ colours of white and blue it is heavenly....and DH didn't mind a bit :-))Here's a link to a couple of pics...


These latest creations are so soul-soothing; I can't say enough about your choice of colors and the many lovely layers you use in your projects.
Apart from the Bible (and I do have to mention it because it is the ultimate comfort to me), I find comfort in settling down with a book and, not just reading, but learning. I never want to stop learning and almost every room in my house has a bookcase filled with wonderful volumes that bring me great joy.
Happy Birthday to you!! What an unspoiled soul you are to enjoy sharing your birthday with your brother.

mary puskar

Oh Melis: I love the last bedroom. I say go for that one! I'm a Williamsburg-Primitive sort of girl. What brings me peace is my faith. I don't understand how people can face the trials of life without faith to get them through. When I'm troubled and stressed, I go right to Him who I know loves me unconditionally. I relax in His arms for awhile and then the world is right again.


Debbie Marcinkiewicz

Lovely inspo pics ...I particularly love the first one with the quilts and plates on the wall! Always so inviting to visit your bloggity blog :)

What comforts me ... my family. These days it seems as if all 4 of us are running in different directions. My youngest just graduated from high school and will be off to college this August and my oldest will be entering his second year at college, so I am savoring my time with them still home ... treasuring each and every moment I get with them and memorizing the cute things they do and the things they say!

I miss the days of when they were little like your daughter and mommy was the center of their universe!! Now they need me for laundry and money ... and not much more than that -- but I know in my heart that if they are really in need of comfort, they come back to their mama!

So, I savor the moments ... the small little things ... going out for ice cream, running to the store with them, having dinner together ... watching movies all snuggled up on the couch with the 4 of us. These moments are fleeting and I want to drink up each special second and preserve it in my memory for the days when they will be off persuing their own dreams ... without me!

Thanks for all your inspiration, Melissa :)

Natalie Winterstein

Adorable watch! (and I need a watch!!) I know that this is going to sound like I am "kissing up" but your blog actually brings me one of the most peaceful feelings of the day! I just love reading what you've written and your gorgeous photos and creations just make me feel so comforted and happy. Thanks so much. Have a wonderful birthday and 4th! :)

Olivia Davis

Spending time at our lake lot is what brings me comfort. No phones or computers, no chores :)... just rest, relaxation and fun!
Have a great Birthday!


What a beautiful post! My husband's birthday is coming up next week, too, btw! I find comfort being in my family room with the fireplace going...whether we're watching a movie as a family or just hanging out, it is a good place to be. I also love just looking at vintage things. It is very peaceful and calming...that's what I love about your site, too! Thanks for sharing!


Happy Birthday Melissa. I love the photos from country living, they are very peaceful! I recently found one from that same website that had a room decorated in Laura Ashley roses.......just beautiful! Comfort is found with my 3 kids and in my crafting studio for sure! Actually your blog is a small source of comfort in a hectic day, very peaceful colors and words. Have a happy!

Angy Hughes

Happy Birthday dear blog crafting friend. things that comfort me - seeing the mountains around me, green trees, being in my dh arms (I miss him so right now) a cup of something warm to drink and a good book! Oh and I love seeing crafty supplies all lined up and ready to go...PS can't wait to check out your sister's shop (rubbing hands gleefully)

Debra B.

Happy bday Melissa!! I tend to be comforted by sounds.My favorites, a cooing Mourning dove and faraway train whistle and lastly, just plain ole quiet,

zavi t

Hi...and happy birthday to you! Blog hopping brings me comfort, a big wet kiss from one of my babies, and a sincere I love you from the hubster brings me comfort......thx for allowing us in your world!

Jennifer Adams

Comfort.... I have to say that what brings me the absolute MOST peace is holding my darling five month old baby girl on the back porch while we watch the lovely birds eat from the bird feeder. Throw in some memory scripture verses and you have a tiny pocket of heaven here on earth for me to hold on to! Thanks for your amazing blog and the peace that seeps from each entry. It always draws me back to the Lord. Jennifer


For me, there's nothing better than sitting on the sofa, drinking a cup of coffee, surrounded by three little dogs, snuggled up to me and snoring gently... Thanks for the chance to win this ADORABLE watch!


Enjoy your birthday!
Something that comforts me... going to summer ball games and watching my boys play.

Becky Elliott

To be perfectly honest, the thing that brings me the most comfort in life is reading and meditating on God's Word. It's amazing how scripture can bring peace to your soul when nothing else can! A peace that surpasses human understanding! I so enjoy your beautiful creations, Melissa! They warm my heart!! Thank you so much for sharing with us! I hope you have a happy, sweet, special birthday!!

Heather Jensen

Happy Birthday Melissa! Both cards are beautiful. I am loving the peachy color you are using a lot of lately. I have some pretty seam binding from Memrie Mare in that peachy color and I haven't used it. Guess that will go on my next card.
Something that comforts me is sitting down with a good cup of tea with my lovely tea pot and tea cups. It is much more enjoyable when it is in a pretty cup. I MUST have the Romantic Homes magazine to go along with it. :)
Her watch is just so sweet in that pink color (my favorite). Good luck to her.

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