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July 11, 2010



So so beautiful!! Love it :)


Soooo beautiful; love it!
Have a wonderful day!


What a pretty card and bookmark. With this set, you could give a book as a gift and coordinate the bookmark to match the book. Endless possibilities! Thanks for sharing the wonderful inspiration on your blog!

Carol R

I love that sentiment about friends being bookends! Beautiful card and bookmark.

Amy Fink

This book is on my reading list too, you'll have to share how you like it. This set is definitely on my list to order from the release. I love the colors that you used for your set and the buttons--Thanks for sharing!!

Cassie K

vingtage goodness. amazing

Elna Wohlitz

Hi Melissa, I have been following your blog and I don't know how you do it, but every design is a winner. Enjoy the summer, over here it is verrry cold and the schools starts tomorrow, now that the world cup is over. Keep creating!


Wow, such a perfect bookmark to coordinate with Summer at Tiffany. Spoiler alert: you're going to love it and you're going to wish women wore hats nowadays.

Amy Hadley

Gorgeous, just completely gorgeous!

Heidi Sonboul

THIS is soooo BEAUTIFUL. you make me want to try Shabby :)


A great delicate, feminine look to all your creations.

Nancy M

I love how you highlight a message with your tags, for example, using "sing," "love," and, now, "let me save your spot." I have always chosen my bookmark to match my book as closely as possible, so this stamp set and die give limitless possibilities. And, as you know, this season of your life is for reading with your daughter. The season will change ever too quickly.

Lisa Dolson

Oh, what beauties, Melissa. Your goodies are so pretty. Sigh.

Alice W.

such a pretty project! love it!


Be still my heart... Those bookmarks are so beautiful Melissa. **Sigh

Debbie Marcinkiewicz

You've received a blogging award!

Congrats, Melissa!!!

Debbie Olson

So beautiful, as always, dear Melissa!

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