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August 13, 2010



your daughter certainly has good taste in furniture!!! love the two little yellow chairs sitting just so...thanks for sharing..i live in the so cal desert and our mornings are sooo cool..about 58 degrees! lovin' it . now next week we are suppose to have 100 degree temps..time to put up the blow up pool for the grands!! thank for being such an inspiration..

Sarah Martina

Sweetest thing, EVER. :) Love stumbling across sweet little findings like that made by the kidlets. Great happy moments. :) TFS!

Alyssa Byron

when that last embellishment is gone, that last bit of trim used up, are you ever sad? or just eager to move onto more bigger better trims, brads, buttons?
Thanks for sharing the beans's messes. They are precious arnt they?
Much love, Alyssa

Wendy Sue

ahhh, Melissa, I haven't been here in a while - I've missed you! Such beautiful projects and feels like coming home & it's good to be back. :o)


My favorite fall fresh treats are (all home made) my apple-crumble, applesauce, strawberry-rhubarb sauce, fresh baked bread with raisins and cinnamon, apple pie, strawberry cake, apple cake, strawberry jam, apple-pear jam and home made pudding ( last is not specific for fall but I love it so much :))

It's so good to read that you are doing well. Love the pictures of your bean's messes.One of my sons moved out last week and now lives on his own. Time flies and it's so good to capture the moments of a childhood that we all love so much. Before you know they are grown up and living on their own.
And your creations? As always; beautiful!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Linda L

LOL Melis....Sienna's little display cracked me up....all those sweet pink girly lovelies and then a few smatterings of "boy" in there with the orange witches hats,the four wheeler and the jet ski....oh how sweet. Love the piccie on the front of the baby project too...what a sweet little image - reminds me of my own baby cards 45 years ago.

Lisa V.

Your project is just beautiful. I love all of the details.

I also love the little area that your daughter set up. My favorite addition to her living space is the cupcake on the table. I love life through the eyes of a child.

Kelly Schirmer

My daughters, ages 6 1/2 and almost 5, make little "set-ups" of everything dollhouse and Barbie, and anything else little enoughh that they can find, too! They look exactly like this one!! Thanks for inspiring me to take pictures of those. I had to laugh at Sierra's construction cone in her dining area! Somehow, I don't think it belongs in a Phillips' kitchen (but it sure could go right in the center of mine-along with a big CAUTION! sign...giggle). As always I love your blog for making me smile with all of the loveliness! Can't wait for tomorrow's PTI showcase, yay!


i love strawberry rhubarb too!! yum


Pretty way to journal!


Hum ! Miam ! Miam !!!

Wonderfull your mini !!!


There just isn't anything sweeter than the innocence of children. There is so much loveliness to see in what they do and you are wise to notice those things that so often escape the attention of parents too preoccupied with things that don't really matter.
When the feel of Fall is in the air, I begin to think of aromatic breads made from scratch, with lots of cinnamon and apple crisp too! Fall is definitely my favorite time of energizes me like no other season...just can't wait to pull out the sweaters!


See what a wonderful example you are setting for her? She wants to set up a comfy home just like you... too sweet.

It's even sweeter than that incredibly cute book of yours.

Stephanie S.

Those apple pies look so good. I miss having seasons with living in Florida again. The book is wonderful as always with your creativity. Thanks for sharing.

Anne T.

Oh what yummy pictures!! I love Fall, all those colors and the smell of freshly baked pumpkin chocolate bread...
Adore that baby album!

Kelly in Canada

we are still well into peach season where i live and i love to mix peaches and rhubarb with honey from hives on our farm and bake that all into a crisp! it is especially wonderful with a tiny scoop of dulce de leche ice cream.
i love your projects, as always.

Sandra K

LOL! It could be from one of my girls (6 and 7)! So cute! Good idea to take a picture and do a layout.
Lovely project.

Sandra :-)

Alice W.

love the cute arrangement by your little girl! thanks for the sweet post! your project is beautiful, too! have a beautiful Sunday!


your creations always take my breathe away...always so beautifully crafted. love seeing sienna's little "scene". my girls do that too...always so precious to see:) tfs:)

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