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August 02, 2010



Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Man...NO ONE does it like you, Melissa!


Such a nice time you had!
I've never been in USA, i'm sure it's like another planet!

Your cards are trully unique, so warm and so cozy! Thank you for inspiration! I wish i could have a bit of you talent!

Ros Crawford

Beautiful ... Everything you do ... Glad you enjoyed your trip ...

Nancy Wethington

These are exquisite.


It is nice to read that you and your family were having a wonderful trip. Your cards are so so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
Have a wonderful day!


I love these cards....I agree that you are the best. Shabby Chic beautiful feminine and lovely words and art. Thanks for sharing.


love them!


Beautiful, beautiful, as always. So glad you were able to visit with loved ones while on vacation. My family visited Yellowstone twice when we lived in really is a wonderful place to visit.


Welcome back. There's no place like home. Thank you for more inspiration through your lovely pieces.


I am so glad you're back!!! I heard about the incidents with the bears and was very worried. No offense, you seem like a lady, some where along the lines between Mrs. Cleaver and Mrs. (A) Hepburn, I can't imagine them or you facing bears... sooo glad you are safe and sound!!!

And are you serious!?! You get home and just fall right in the creative mode? These are spectaclar! I wish you taught more, but the idea of taking you away from your family just isn't very appealing to me... have you thought of kits? Glad to have you back.

Danielle Flanders

Gorgeous! I can't wait to get that Restoration line! We went to Jackson Hole, WY and Yellowstone last time we were home visiting to South Dakota and it was one of the best vacations we've ever had. So much fun! We saw Sigourney Weaver in Jackson Hole, shopping in the little shops!

Becky Elliott

Beautiful cards, Melissa! The Crate Paper line looks beautiful! OK, now if there is a bear story waiting to be told, we want to hear it! (If you're able to tell it!) ;) Thanks for sharing your lovely creations with us!

Anne T

I don't often comment, but I LOVE the awesomeness of your cards and projects!! You are so talented and share such wonderful words with your creations. Thank you!

Wendy Kwok

absolutely gorgeous! Love it!

Julene Haworth

I visit your blog simply because of its sheer beauty and was compelled to add a comment this time. I too just returned from visiting Idaho and Wyoming and seeing family, but most of all to fulfill my every few years pilgrimage to see the amazing Tetons - just to refill my soul. Your blog is both delightful to read and a beautiful sight for the eye!


Hi Melissa!
Yellowstone was one of my favorite vacations when I was a little girl, and we went to Jackson Hole every 4th of July growing up. Such memories you just reminded me of! I live so very far away now, but I really want to take my daughter's there one day. (my husband too, he's never been to that part of the country even!)
Welcome back, I always look forward to your posts and beautiful artwork.
Enjoy these last days of summer!


Your cards are amazing. Love your flowers. Thanks for sharing.


I wanted to let you know that I made a little baby book like the one based on a Melissa Francis album that you posted in late April. I found some 1 1/2" Maya Road silk ribbon on sale and used some of the same items as yours and some not the same, but the spirit of it echoes yours, and it is gorgeous! My daughter, son-in-law and baby grandson are coming into town this weekend, and I'll give it to her then. I wish you could be here to see her face when she sees it. She will love it! Thank you, thank you thank you!


So glad you're back and it sounds like your vacation was a good one!

Alice W.

gorgeous cards as always! so glad to hear that you had a wonderful trip!

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