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August 19, 2010



hi you share the apple salad? Autumn is MY favorite season!! love when it gets cooler in the evenings and mornings, as only it can in the so cal desert!!! thank you for such a lovely blog..


I love both cards but your story about your little bean that goes with the first card....Oh you touched my heart. It brought back some very sweet and precious memories of the time my boys were just babies.....their little feet and hands, chubby cheeks, the sound of a baby who's laughing...

Have a wonderful weekend; cherish the time you spend together ( I know you will.. )


Cuteness overload! Glad to hear you made it through the first day of school. I'm right there with you, waiting with deep anticipation for those brisk days filled with falling leaves and cool days made for baking. Not that I bake, but I do appreciate the goods from the ladies in the neighborhood.

Alyssa Byron

charming, as always :)

Ros Crawford

I can relate to all you say .... beautiful cards again ... made from your heart ...


Hey Melissa,
love to be here and to see what´s
new on your blog. Your cards again
are so beautiful. I love every
details on them.
Have a nice weekend ;-)

Patty M

What a precious letter to your little missy. One day she will joyfully read your blog journal to her and squeal with delight. Your fall cards are pure sweetness. Happy beginning of Fall to you, sweet Melissa. Blessings, Patty


Love the thinking of you card! Did you include your journaling note with the card? A lovely treasure!


Your cards are beautiful, I enjoy your work. Thanks for sharing ~Diane


Dear Melissa,
Once again you have inspired me. I love your work, especially the Fall/Halloween cards you create. Enjoy the weekend with your family, as I know you will.
All Good Things,


Even though we are in the midst of 90 degree weather where I live, I am ready to start pulling out the Fall decorations. Anyway, if I don't do it soon, Fall will be gone and it will be time to get out the boxes of Christmas least that's what I tell anyone who thinks it might be a tad early to think Fall. I am very much thinking Fall as I work on paper projects with all the fun, bright colors and when I bought a big jar of cinnamon on my last shopping even listening to Fall-related songs as I work on my projects. What a beautiful season!


Love what you wrote about your little one and love your cards too. Can´t wait for a wonderful fall too.
Have a great weekend!

Pearl Maple

Fall is my favorite season, with all the back to school and back to routines and fresh opportunities to start new things. Darling creations you are sharing this week.

Kathy Martin

So much lovely! Well said about children growing and loving each stage more and more!

Anne T

It is amazing how much love we can hold for our children!!

I love your cards. They are so sweet and utterly adorable!


Had to come back for a second visit... love all the wonderful creations.

Alice W.

i love reading your sweet entries every time, Melissa. it's so touching and sweet. thanks for sharing! =) i love the adorable images you used for both cards, they are so cute! love your pretty cards!

Kelly Braund

I can feel the love! :) My youngest goes off the kindergarten in 2 weeks. My oldest into 8th grade. It goes by so fast. I still can't believe how they've all turned into their own little adults in the making!


Melissa, your blogs are so delightful. I hope you are creating a journal for your little daughter with all your beautiful thoughts and words. She will treasure that all her life. Your artwork is to die for too....just breathe taking!


I love your Halloween card. Very cute.

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