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August 25, 2010



these are just gorgeous with your signature touch!


I agree with Kara. These little pockets have taken on new life with the touch of your creative hand, Melissa.
Isn't it exciting how something so simple and plain can be made into such beautiful offerings! Thank you for the sharing your ideas.


These are so pretty ... would never think they started life as a plain brown bag ... your lovin' has done them proud!

Becky Elliott

Your altered paper bag pockets are just beautiful, Melissa!! And I love the Crate Paper Restorations paper! Wow! Can't wait to get my hands on some of that! You just amaze me with you creative talents! Thanks so much for sharing with us on your sweet little blog. We are blessed!

laura huffman

how fun. love the idea. inspiration keeps me stampin and playin. thanks for keeping the juices flowing. have a great week.


I really am speechless after viewing your lovely paper bags and reading your musings... contentment...pure, sweet contentment is how I am left...what a great way to start my day. Thanks for the loveliness.

Debbie Marcinkiewicz

Simply {delicious}!!! Your little one is lucky to have such a talented and thoughtful Mama :)


These lunch bags are adorable, but I am head over heels for your card. I just love it - your style just speaks to me! I haven't shopped with Darkroom Door before, but I think I would have a great time with these Photobooth images! Thank you for your continued inspiration!


What a wonderful idea! I've made mini albums in the past with brown bags and that is fun too. As always I LOVE your creations sigh....:-)


*sigh* you and Mish have such a way of making these everyday things so yummy to look at....


superbe bravo md

Diane Jaquay

LOVE these paper bag pockets and I want to go and create some right now!

Becky Elliott

Could you give us a little description of how you cut your paper bags down to size? Maybe a few details to help us make our own? Thanks!! I ordered the Crate Paper Restoration line today because I was so inspired today by your altered bags!

Troy Louise

How sweet! I'd love to find one of these in my lunch. And, boy do you make the best sounding meals to fill your family's tummies. Yum. Thanks for sharing your goodness.

Kim Faucher

We have been out with the flu here on this end... its so nice to log on and be inspired by your loving words and memories.. I too, have such a fondness for that KRAFT bag, the color, feel and all the possibilities of the goodies inside.
I adore these pockets Melissa.. always so beautiful and when I get rid of this achiness will get up and make something yummy for my family to eat.


I agree with Becky, can you tell us a little more about how you did this? They're really pretty.

Alice W.

you dressed up those pouches so beautifully!! it would be such a delight to see them in a lunch box!

Lee Cockrum

I agree with what Becky says above, can you show how to make the little pocket from the paperbag?!? Please?! I can handle the embellishing, but I am not good at transforming a paper bag (or envelope, etc. ) to another use. Thanks for sharing these!!


Oh my.... If I ever receive a lunch bag like this I put it in a silver frame and hang it in my living room. It's pure beauty and an eye-catcher. It has a place in my heart already. I'm smitten, What more can I say? The same goes for the card and your heartfelt story. Thank you Melissa for all the beautiful things you create!
Have a wonderful weekend!


I fell in love with these today and ran to my local Smart n Final to buy brown paper bags (got two sizes) and then could not find the white pastry bags for inside the pocket. What are they called and where did you get them? I talked my drive through Coffee Kiosk into giving me a few of the ones they out my scones in, but they are too big for a regular brown paper bag. Please help!


Two of my favorites, paper bags and pockets. You seem like such a lady so please take this as a compliment... You rocked these!

Christine Piazza

I love the brown bag idea of slipping a cookie in a pocket. Please share instructions on how to make this little brown bag with a cookie pocket. I would love to make for my friends.

Replica Handbags

Sweet Bags. I love these.

Thanks very interesting blog!


I don't understand how you made the bag envelope itself. Would you please post directions. It would be so fun to decorate and share some of these. Yours are so cute!!

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