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August 09, 2010


Alyssa Byron

Oh Melis, I hoped that your blog absence did not spell bad news, Im so sorry that is has, but continue to be amazed at your gift of reflection and ability to see the bright side.
Thinking fondly of you,

Christrine N

I continue to receive inspiration from you both creativly and emotionally/spiritually. I love that you are always able to see the good side of your troubles and always come out the other end with a improved relization!

You are wonderful!



Thinking of you....

Danielle Flanders

I love your little mini books, how gorgeous! Fantastic colors as always!! I hope everything is OK with you and your family.


the colors in this are AMAZING!! GREAT job! :)


Love this mini, great colors.

I realise that correcting an adult is really not my place, but when you're wrong you're wrong and boy are you wrong! You have one of the biggest hearts I know...

why do you think I come back here every single day?


Beautiful project, Melissa! I hope you are ok...Stephanie xx


Gorgeous project Melissa..
I'm thankful to have you as a great source of inspiration too!
Have a great day!

Lisa Dolson

Hi Melissa, I hope God blesses you with resolution and comfort. You create such beautiful things even when your heart is sad or distressed...creating is so good for the soul. I'm at the tears stage now in a situation I wish we weren't in, but hope very soon I can look back and feel the things you said so eloquently in your post. You are a blessing in this world to so many. Lisa


I hope that you and your beloved ones are OK.
Love the mini book; as I love all of the beautiful things you make....
I'm thinking of you... I am so sorry to read on your blog that this is a difficult time for you. Hoping that there soon will be a better time with less things to worry about.


Know that you are loved from across many, many miles. Know that through my daily life and (sometimes) sadness, YOUR blog and uplifting words keep me going in the dark hours or days. Everytime I come here, it reminds me to be more thankful. Thank you for that gentle kick in the b-hind :-). Sometimes I really need it.


Hi Melissa, I hope tomorrow is a better day:)


prayers for you to have strength and peace during this time that you are going through..and by growing and being tried we grow stronger!
take care

Anne T

Your project is beautiful. Your care and feelings for what you do and how art works for you shine through. I'm thinking of you during this trying time. Your words are often so inspirational. I hope that you are able to use them for yourself as well as for others!!


Sending hugs and a gentle shoulder for you as you are always on my mind and in my prayers. Thank you for being you.

Kelly Schirmer

Thinking of you, sweet Melissa! Sending hugs and warm wishes your way.


It is hard to go through emotionally trying times. . . but it looks as though you are not running away from them, that you have faced them with courage and strength and with a renewed ability to open your heart. How very, very blessed you are. . . keep those lessons, dear Melissa. You are SUCH an inspiration to me. I tend to hold back and hide. Thank you for showing me it's OK to let go.
God Bless.


Melissa, you are such a blessing to so many of us. You are willing to share your innermost thoughts even though it might be difficult at times. Your thoughtlife really does manifest the beauty of Philippians 4:8: "...whatever is pure, whatever is lovely...worthy of praise, let your mind dwell on these things." In this culture in which we live, it is so encouraging to see a life that reflects joy in simple, wholesome things and yours certainly does that. Thank you and may you continue to blossom so that we might enjoy the fragrance!

Alice W.

beautiful project! love all the lovely details!

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