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August 17, 2010


Katie {choc0holic}

I just love reading your posts...they help me appreciate my 'job' as a mother and the blessing it truly is. Thank you for sharing your beautiful cards...some day I'll give the shabby chic look a go...for now I"ll just enjoy yours.

Ros Crawford

Stunningly beautiful ...


U R a great designer! I get a great inspiration of U! Adore your works!
Thanks a lot!!!


I have the feeling that I am always posting the same comment.... Maybe it sounds s bit boring but Melissa; your work is BEAUTIFUL!
And I love the stories you write; and this one about your Lily Bean is another adorable one. So warm and heartfelt; it's such a pleasure to read your stories.
Thanks for sharing; I feel privileged that you enable us to take a look at your creations and into your life.
Have a wonderful day!


Gorgeous!! I'm a huge fan of your work, been visiting your blog for quite some time, "oh-ing" and "ah-ing" at your stunning creations! Thank you for all the inspiration :)

/Helena in Sweden

Gabriela (Gabi With An Eye)

Goodness what a lovely and heartwarming post Melissa. I know that bittersweet feeling of a child's first lost tooth only too well. You truly are very lucky indeed. These cards are absolutely precious, as are you, my sweet friend.


It's a shame there isn't a paper museum to feature beautiful works like yours. The colors you use remind me of the Impressionists while all the assorted elements you put together in unusual, but pleasing-to-the-eye combinations, reminds me of the modern artists' works of the twenties and thirties. I can picture such a place and for many of us, we would not want to leave...just too much beauty and a sense of serenity!

Lisa Dorsey

Such amazing cards my dear! Absolutely stunning.

Jolene Sonday

I really think I spend the most time on your blog.... there are so many little treasures to explore on EVERY card and project... I swear I see something new everytime I look back at it!

It's such a pleasure visiting your blog... your creativity. Your inspiration... Your love for life. It's simply uplifting.

Sarah Martina

I have adored browsing today... your work is magical! And another sweet realization... our daughters are the same age. :) Can you believe 2nd grade is here? It seems like so much of a step up from 1st grade for some reason. Oh how they grow... Have a day full of smiles!


Oh, what a sweet little moments! And you're enjoying every single one! There is definitely room in your heart for everybody!
Thank you for sharing your moments and your art pieces with us!


Hope your sweet girl had a great first day!!! And how exciting about her tooth! We've lost 6 already. Beautiful creations, as always, my friend!

Melissa, your creations are absolutely beautiful!

Kirsty Vittetoe

So sweet, so filled with love, thanks for sharing your beautiful creation Melissa!


Seriously, how wonderful is your home? The detail you put into your projects are unbelievable. One can only imagine what a home decorated with the same attention to detail would be...

I remember second grade. School was still fun, and new school supplies were the best. She'll have fun. I'm kind of worried about you. smile

mary puskar

Melissa: I couldn't find the post about where you buy your bias tape or seam binding. Is it a cotton/rayon mix or all rayon or what? I'm not talking about twill tape but seam binding. You can dye it with reinkers or Glimmer Mist. Thanks for your help.


Alice W.

beautiful cards as always. love how you dressed up those chipboards. amazing details!

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