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September 08, 2010



glad you're back. I was disappointed each and every day that I would look at your blog and see you hadn't been there.

Bless you!


This house; I don't have a sweet baby girl but if I had this in my room.....I would cherish it. This is something so gorgeous. Really Melissa...a hand made jewel. I LOVE it. And the same goes for your card; gorgeous!
If I were you I'd order that book. It's not for your own pleasure but for your whole family. And that's enough to buy it. Enjoy!
Have a wonderful day!


Too beautiful for words..
I love that you're starting to work on altering houses again!


i love your shabby sweet house! so pretty! love all the embellies especially how you used the Melissa Frances pieces. pretty card too! thanks for sharing and have a great day! *hugs* steph :)


Be still my vintage-y heart! You sure know how to do it right! I love that house, it is so darling.


"Pretty sure I won't be able to talk myself out of it. A simple pleasure, don't you think? My little crew will benefit from it...I need it...we need's a purchase for the team!!!"

Glad you're a team player! Get the book :)

Melody Reynolds

I am so glad you had a fun holiday and are back with us. I sure did miss you. Anyway, all your houses are always beautiful.I really enjoyed the Halloween house. I too love fall and look forward to the cooler weather and crisp nights. Go for the book, you will be providing wonderful treats for your family!!! Just saying....... Oh, the quilting book looks cool too. There's something about giving handmade warmth to loved ones that is very appealing. It goes without saying I loved your card. They are always awesome! Thanks so much for all your inspiration.

Gabriela (Gabi With An Eye)

Pure joy! Your little altered house is pure joy. Reminds me of sugarplums. And you.

becks f

Your style is instantly recognizable..i loved your published cards this month in Cards magazine.. its such a joy to see and here on your blog.. those houses are fabulously feminine.. love it.
I think that I need to find that book! With christmas approaching it would be fantastic to bake up goodies for friends...thanks for the insight and inspiration!


Everything you make is just amazing. Funny I was at EP today buying all the goodies to make your latest, and here it is LOL. Thanks for sharing!

Becky Elliott

Your little house is breathtakingly beautiful! I can see your heart in it through and through. It's truly lovely! Thanks so much for sharing your creations with us.


a little FYI - about the cookie book or any book. Go to search for the book and almost always there are used books for sale there - you save a tree from becoming a book, and you save some money. i get books for a penny - the shpping is 3.99..can't beat it - your cookie book is there for 8.50 used..just something to know.


I envision a sweet space full of pillows and warm, soft colors with a window to let in a gentle breeze when I think about the room the little house will go in... am I close?

Account Deleted

It is so sweet!
I adore Your Shabby! The House is a Miracle!

Ros Crawford

Oh my but that house is just the prettiest house I've ever seen! adore you card too ... just so beautiful

Cindy Andrews

I love that card. I need to get some of the papers ordered ASAP!

Victoria Resh

That card...those papers...those colors...G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S.

Oh Melis...every little girl's dream to have one of those sugar frosted houses :D

you are so creative my friend...

HUGS ~victoria~


I'm speechless! I wish that were true because that never happens...LOL!!! Your amazing house is just gorgeous!!! I love everything about it. When Sierra grows up she will remember that you made all the details special!(including the cookies)

Anne T

Get the book!! Yea team!!! LOVE the sweet, glittery, sugary, sweet house!!


Oh be still my heart! I just want to eat it up and sit down and look at it for hours - all at the same time. There really should be a paper museum just for you!


Erin Smetak

How absolutely beautiful your house and card are!!!! I want to make a house now too! LOL!

Can I ask you, w/ those green flowers, did you make them yourself, or did they come that way? And is the material seam binding? Or something different? I see them everywhere and would like to make my own, but there's no information anywhere!!! Thanks!


Wow! Love them both :-) Thanks for sharing:-)


So I was just at ally scraps buying materials for your last post, and then this comes. I can't afford you, girl. But you are one person whose work always inspires me to create. Thank you so much!


a truly darling house...especially love the hearta dn crown at the top:) would make any girl (of any aga...even if they are a momma already!) happy. the book looks amazing; a definite purchase! tfs!


That is the most incredible house. You have such a beautiful style

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