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September 26, 2010


Rachel Greig

You guys have the best sweets/candy over there! They look yum!!

Christine N

First of all, I have to say that there is in no way that you are a beginning cardmaker! Your talents are beautiful. Several months ago, a non-papercrafting friend of mine sent a link to your blog because everything is so beautiful!!! Of course, I'd already been following your blog for months!!

And 2nd, I did not need to know that peeps came dipped in chocolate. There goes another 5 pounds!!!

Patty M

Oh,no...two new addictions. At least only one is fattening. Have a wonderful week, sweet friend. Patty
btw...I moved over to Typepad.

becks f

beautiful cards. I think nature is pretty amazing uplifts and is beauty everyday. Oh, and I'm sure you will master those copics...and make your creations even more spectacular..can't wait to see what you come up with!


your card is absolutely gorgeous! just perfect~the colors, the embellies, the sentiment. love your coloring too.
hehe, who knew peeps came chocolate covered, fun!
have a great week! thanks for sharing :)!
*hugs* steph :)

Vanessa Menhorn

Oh, Melissa, I so enjoy coming to your blog and reading your posts! You always speak from your heart and your creations are gorgeous! Wow, I wish I could try these chocolate-covered treats. No chance here in Germany! Enjoy! Vanessa x

Cindy Andrews

Oh Melis, I have not jumped on the Copic bandwagon yet, but that will be my next jump. I love your blog as well as Mish's blog. Thanks so much for your inspiration!

Anne T

So I'm reading your lovely post and thinking, WOW!, look how she colored those leaves, they have so much dimension! I was wondering at first if you cut them out and glued them on. Then I read that you're NEW to COPICS??? You coloring doesn't look new to me!!

Theresa from Virginia

Ahhh ... my daily dose of beautiful artistry!

And thanks for the tip on the Peeps - I didn't know they came dressed in chocolate either!


This is simply amazing Melissa. I love the piece of fabric behind your glittered heart. I love Copics as well. I will have to check into that book. I have found some very pretty stamps by Flourishes that are perfect for coloring with Copics. I think you should take a look. They have a Vintage seed package set, and a couple different berry sets. Not cutesy at all. Very pretty. You won't be dissapointed.

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog hop card. :)


Teeeheeeee... yes, a special trip *does* seem in order! Beautiful card - so glad to see you've jumped into the Copic pond!

Sharon Harnist

Your card is gorgeous, Melissa -- I always enjoy all of your gorgeous creations! Thanks so much for the mention -- I can't wait to see what else you do with Copics! OH, and I also didn't know about the chocolate covered Peeps, so thanks for that delicious tid-bit!


Melissa, you have such a beautiful way with words!! I always come for the craft inspiration, but your words are just as lovely!!!
Thanks for the peeps tip too! Can't wait for my next trip to Target!! {wink}


Maybe you're a beginner with copics but the results are stunning. You're a professional! I love the soft and a bit "pale" colors of this card. And the glitterec heart; so beautiful. Too bad I can't try those marshmallows; they're not available here in the Netherlands. ( It saves me a few pounds in weight...)
Have a wonderful day!


Beautiful card! I love the bit of fabric and lace behind the heart, and the strip of vine you stamped and colored is perfect!

Troy Louise

You will have that copic coloring down in no time! Love your card. By the way, have you thought of writing a book? Your beautiful thoughts on your blog would be a lovely book. Thanks for the peeps news too! Happy Day.

Kat Gomez

You are a woman of my own heart!! I love any chocolate with an icy cold classic coke.. mmmmm!!

cheers.. tu amiga Kat..


What a gorgeous card!

Alice W.

i am sure you will master Copic in no time, Melissa! you did a great job on coloring those leaves and even the shadow details! beautiful card! ok, i'll have to go and find those chocolate dipped peeps, too!!! =)

Kathy M

I'm trying so hard to avoid the Copic addiction, but I fear I won't be able to hold out much longer-and they're like can't just have one of each basic color. :)

And is that a DARK chocolate Peep pic still my heart...and there goes my healthy eating pledge!


So I'm thinking you majored in American Literature or English, because your imagery is top notch. Hum, hug the sky, sounds wonderful.

Michelle Martin

Melissa, the chocolate-covered Peeps are the most wonderful thing! I first tried one at Easter this past spring. The store only had ONE LEFT! So I snatched it right there and it was eaten before I even pulled in the driveway. You MUST get them soon! Enjoy!

Account Deleted

thanks for the link to sharon harnis' page, and i didn't about copics! very fascinating! :)

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