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October 07, 2010



when all of the above things happens it means there are no children in your house, and it's quiet and sometimes sad. i KNOW that you enjoy your family and sweet little girl. THOSE are the important things in life. I'm so blessed to have my two grandsons visit twice a week and turn me and my house upside down! :^)


Beautiful. I live in upstate NY where autumn is in full bloom in the Adirondacks. This reminds me of that. Our foliage season is so very beautiful! The bakery pictures are delightful. I wish too...but I'm not. What was that movie with Reese Witherspoon where they're living in 1950's perfection but, perfection really wasn't perfection? Magazines are just that...magazines. Life is so much sweeter. Thanks so much for sharing Melissa.


I know you love your peanut butter and jelly kisses and fingerprints and footprints, but something tells me you ARE Martha and Betty and your house is always tidy and clean. Yep - something tells me so! Please tell me all about your Bake Sale ... we had one last weekend and I/we need pointers, especially pricing pointers, for next year! Please share - photos, too!


Every picture of your creations and your story; it's all pure beauty. Life is living the moment and enjoy it. And I know you enjoy every minute with your little bean. What a lovely and heartwarming story.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Patty O'Malley

Love your sweet mini book! I used to be Homeroom Mother in my son's class for several years. How I miss those days! You're right to treasure each moment because they go all too quickly.


Love the project and hearing you talk about your sweet little girl. I just started working in jacob's classroom this year too and I love it! All the kids call me Jacob's mom and they have fallen in love with MIkey (I bring him with me)! It does convince me that I could never be a second grade teacher, I would be yelling all the time...they are so rowdy I tell you! Have a beautiful weekend and I am sure you can bake treats prettier than all those yummies you shared!!:)

Crafty Dawn

This post really made me happy! the little paragraph at the end was just priceless! and of course the art work is yummy as are all those Halloween treats lol oh ye to be a MS or a BC lol but a plain ol' mum is so rewarding I think i'll stick

Love Dawn xx

Hayley G

Melissa your fall mini is just to die for. Every time I visit I'm inspired to create something beautiful and "pretty". Can't wait to visit again. Your blog makes me happy to be back in bloggyworld. Thank you!

Kim FAucher

Oh Melissa... you always make me so happy.

Your paragraph is just perfectly me as well... lol I am going to do a post similiar to this on my blog.. I will credit you with inspiration as you always inspire me so with your beautiful creations and lovely words.
Happy weekend
Kim Faucher

Alice W.

such a treat to read and see your post. this makes me smile! =) thanks and hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

diane mcvey

YUMMMMMMMMY! I want those pumpkin shaped cakes with the FILLING!!! That looks divine!!!
Thanks for sharing; I love your blog and all your creations! HAPPY FALL!

Donna M.

Hi Melis! I just love your sweet thoughts, & frequently forward them to my dtr-in-law (as I did today). She has a 2 1/2 yr. old sweet girl, & a 10-month old growing boy. It's busy, & I think it's nice to just stop for a moment & reflect on how wonderful these little ones are! Time is truly the enemy sometimes!

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