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October 13, 2010



I love them all; as usual :). Perfect Melissa and so so gorgeous.....
Have a few wonderful days!



Quick Tags

Creative and cute looking cards. I'd like to try some of those. Giving away handmade cards to our loved ones for christmas or Thanksgiving increases our bond. Thanks for sharing.

jan m

Adore your postcard tags! Very clever indeed!


Beautiful as always!

Ashley Cannon Newell

Your style is amazing, Melissa! I'm always amazed and inspired by your creations.


Oh my goodness. Everything on this post is fabulous. You are SO talented.


I love the look of your tags with the bakers twine. Your vintage tags are beautiful with the way you embellished them.


Stunning! Love the tea-stained envelopes and that post mark! So cute!

mary hamer

Absolutely stunning Melissa!! Thanks so much for the inspiration!


Beautiful as usual. Thanks for sharing your talent!


My 20 yr old granddaughter just loved these mummy pops. Your Christmasy creations are just beautiful.

Alice W.

your envelope/tag is so pretty. wonderful details and the last two cards are just gorgeous. thanks for the inspiration!


I have a question for you...
How in blazes do you do it!?!

The tags are like a present all in themselves, and the cards are pure magic. Seriously, did you stand in the creativity line twice? Wonderful post, absolutely wonderful.

Alyssa B

Hey Melis, why so quiet?


So beautiful! I love your vintage elegance!

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