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October 26, 2010


ReNae Allen

You are so funny! Don't worry about your rolls, you are so incredibly talented artistically. I'm sure the rolls will come! I enjoyed reading tonight's post, it made me feel cozy and homey, and the card was just lovely. I'm going to put my feet up with some tea, and just relax!


Gorgeous, gorgeous and yummy! Love them all!


I had to look for winter squash with google and they are pumpkins, so called in Australia. they are yummy ! TFS !


every time i look at your cards i say - out loud! - gosh isn't that pretty..isn't that one pretty! they are all pretty!! love those lacy flourishy leaves! sorry about your rolls.. thank you for a wonderful blog

Kirsty Vittetoe

So warm and lovely colors, thanks for the inspiration!

Viola Mahr

I ignored the rolls and feasted on the cards :) Nevermind Melis! Try try again. and winter squash does sound weird, but all the best to your future rolls! ;)

Thank you for sharing!



Beautiful cards! I love the color combinations.


Beautiful!! Love the wreath card!


Everything you do is just breathtaking! Keep doing it!

Nora Anne

Love your cards, they are both gorgeous! and the pumpkin rolls sound yummy!

Becky Elliott

Stunningly beautiful cards, Melissa! I love the warm, rich colors! Thanks for sharing with us!


Your combination of fall colors is just enchanting. Don't worry about the rolls no one can do everything right all the time. You never make a mistake on the cards. I laughed when you said you hoped everyone was bundled up safe and warm for the night. It was 92 in FL today. The air is still on full blast. Unfortunately, no cool nights for us.

jan m

Really like the colors you used on the wreath!

Patty O'Malley

Good for you to keep trying! I'm sure you'll find the perfect recipe. The cards are gorgeous and inspire a warm, cozy feeling.


I love them both; no matter what color scheme you use.....they always turn out gorgeous and so "melissa". Beautiful; as always.......

Erin Smetak

Absolutely beautiful cards! Good luck w/ the rolls! I give you TONS of credit for even attempting breadmaking! When I was reading the recipe, I thought, "Hmm, wonder what a winter squash is?" and then I read that you didn't know either! I don't feel quite so dumb now!
Can't wait to hear about your results w/ pumpkin rolls! Have fun!

Lisa F.

I made pumpkin rolls last year for Thanksgiving, they were YUMMY!!! Couldn't even taste the pumpkin in them! Love the cards too!

Theresa from Virginia

Both of your cards are so beautiful! As far as the rolls go, I make a lot of my own whenever we have a big family meal. A break maker works wonders - no way would try doing all that work by hand - plus the break maker makes the texture so soft and consistent. Good luck on your baking adventures!

Alice W.

mmm... those rolls looks so yummy. hope you have better luck with them next time. =) beautiful cards. love those pretty, warm autumn colors. love them!

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